New Bathroom

I tried blogging this morning but couldn’t because our internet was on the fritz so before I go to bed I thought I’d blog.

We finally got a new toilet (YAY) so now when we flush we don’t have to stand and wait for the water to go down and then sometimes the old toilet wouldn’t go down so you’d have to wait for the tank to fill and try to flush again. Oh and the old toilet you’d have to literally stand there holding the handle until the water went down all the way. You couldn’t just flush and go hehe.

So it’s nice having a new one. We also have new wallpaper and tile for the floor. Now instead of looking like a woman lives here it looks like men live here heh. Darrin seems to be doing all the work though because it’s not the biggest bathroom so it’s a bit too cramped for both of us to be in there.

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