I was looking at an article on “AIM Today” today (it’s called AIM Today and I read it today lol) about PSP (PlayStation Portable) and it was called PSPotential and it was like a list of 12 things you can do with a PSP.

One of the things was this thing called eBuddy which is a website and you basically can use either your cell phone or psp or whatever device you have, sign up with them and you can add all your IM programs to it like AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and MySpace.

So since I’ve added all those things (I didn’t have Gtalk – from google – so I signed up for it lol) all I do is sign in with 1 name that I created for eBuddy and it signs me into all 5 IM services. And what’s cool is I can chat in an IM with someone or several people with my PSP. This makes it nice when I’m sitting in the living room and wanna chat with people.

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