Everyone’s a Critic

I have my own taste in what I watch on TV.  But what I hate is when people tell me stuff like “don’t waste your time on that show” or “OMG that is so lame, you are such a pussy for watching that”.  You know what.  Screw that.  I don’t give a crap what people have to tell me about how they feel about the shows I like.  I don’t go around telling people that they shouldn’t be watching the stuff they watch.  Jeez dude, mind your own business.

I’ll give you an example.  OK, I like shows like Buffy and Charmed but a lot of people will say that those shows are targeted for girls.  No they’re not!  They are targeted to anyone who likes that world.  I just so happen to be that type of person.  I don’t care if it’s all men burping and farting, as long as they are casting spells and vanquishing demons or slaying vampires, that’s all I care about.

Some people will say “oh well that’s not very educational now is it?  I just watch the home decorating shows and you know, educational programming like the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel (TLC) and the History Channel.  You know, you could be a little more educated if you stop watching those TV shows of yours”.  You know what, let me tell you something about education.  Shove your education up your pie hole =)) I watch those things too.  I watch the History channel and Discovery once in a while, if it’s interesting to me.  I don’t base my whole existence on that crap because they aren’t fantasy.  I would much rather live in the fantasy world because it’s more interesting.

Listen, I have ADD, you know what that means?  It means if I don’t give a crap about something then I’m not going to pay any attention and I’m not going to remember 1 thing you told me about any of it.  I may be sitting there, staring at the screen for an hour but I can guarantee you that I won’t hear 1 word being said.  And at the very end you can quiz me on it and I’ll tell you the same thing everyone time.  “Huh?  What?  Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t even paying attention.”

If you ask me anything about Smallville, Supernatural, Heroes, Buffy, Charmed or any of the other many shows that I watch, I will have so much information that you will be like omg I can’t believe you remembered that but yet you can’t remember anything that you just saw in the last hour that I made you watch on the History channel.

Sorry, it’s how I roll.

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