Is it Divine or Psychic?

Last night when my shows were finished I had to go to the grocery store so that I would have some body wash to wash myself with this morning after my bike ride.  I’m standing in front of the body wash trying to find which one was more affordable since they skyrocketed in price.

This very tall guy came over to me and asked if my name was Bill, I looked up at him and said nope, it’s Mike and he said ok thanks and walked away.  Half a minute later he and 3 other people, 2 women and another guy came over to me.  One of the women introduces herself to me and says that the 2nd guy wrote down the name Michael and Michelle.

I’m thinking, what the hell is going on?  Why do they care what my… then it kicks in, they’re bible beaters.  They had decided they were going to go “pray” for someone and so they thought ok, let’s write down some things and see if we can find a person who resembles anything we write.  The two guys wrote down different things so they were looking to see who would be right.  I don’t know if it was a bet or if they were just going to see who would be more on target than the other.

They wrote down first names, the one guy wrote Bill and the other guy Michael and Michelle.  They wrote down a place to go, Albertson’s and McDonald’s.  They said they were going to go to Denny’s but decided let’s try the Albertson’s/McDonald’s combo, they’re right across the street from each other and Denny’s is across town.  They also wrote down a few other things.

Ok so getting back to it, when the 2nd guy said Michael/Michelle I said well actually, both are correct.  Let me explain.  My name is Michel.  That’s pronounced like Michael here in the US but it’s pronounced Michelle in France.  It’s a french name.

When they told me they were going to go to McDonald’s I told them, well my last name is McDonald.  They were blown away.  I told the first guy, you said bill right?  Well, my sisters first boyfriends name was Bill.  They were blown away again.  I thought it was hilarious.

The second guy said they were looking for a guy in khaki shorts which I was wearing.  He also showed me that he wrote down the word Superman, they were looking for someone possibly wearing a superman t-shirt.  Well, I wasn’t but I am a huge superman fan.

I didn’t tell them this but when I say I love superman, it’s not like when someone says they love something.  I really REALLY love Superman.  Ok not sexually but I am a HUGE fan.  I watched every episode of the Adventures of Superman with George Reeves from the 50’s but in the 70’s.  I LOVED that show.  I have seen every Superman movie.  I missed Lois and Clark in the 90’s, I’ve seen a few episodes and I’d like to see it from beginning to end.  And I have seen every episode of all 10 years of Smallville.  I read some Superman comic books in my childhood.  Not every issue, only what my parents could afford to buy me.  I LOVE Superman lol.

Oh the first guy, the tall guy said the word “Burgerstan” which threw me for a second.  I said that we (when I say we I mean Darrin and his brother) used to own a house on Berger Street.  Burgerstan, however it’s spelled sounds very similar to Berger Street.

As I’m confirming all of these things I’m getting chills.  I knew that at some point it was all leading to them praying for me and even though I don’t really like that, I figured, they got all these things right, or I helped them interpret them as right, I may as well let them do what they were going to do.  You know?  I don’t like it but I let them, as if it was their prize or something lol.

So it all eventually lead to it and they asked if they could and I said yeah, might as well but do it before the store closes lol.  So the second guy is praying and he finishes but then one of the girls wanted to pray too and I’m thinking oh god, just get it over with so I can get home.  I saw in my peripheral vision a store employee look over at us and I mouthed “help me” but he walked away.  DAMN HIM!

I tell you, I was a bit freaked out.  I asked them if they were all psychic and they said no it’s the power of god or divine something or other, which I don’t believe in but whatever.  I believe that there may have either been some psychic energy happening or it was all coincidence.  Who knows.  I thought it was creepy but also amazing at the same time.  I didn’t need to be prayed for, no, I didn’t WANT to be prayed for lol.

Whatever, there you have it.  My freaky night last night lol.

Cracka Please

Why is it ok now for African-American people to call white people cracker all the time?  I want to know why this is accepted!  That is not a compliment.  They are calling white people cracker just like white people called them another word that begins with a N.

I’ve never called a “black” person a name in my entire life.  Nor have I ever called a Mexican person or a Jewish person or an Indian (not native American but they count too) or an Irish person any race a derogatory name.  In my ENTIRE life.

The reason I’m blogging on this subject is because I went to the grocery store this evening to buy some dinner.  I was standing at the express lane check stand and these 2 women got in line behind me.  One mentioned that she forgot the cracka’s and the other said oh I hate cracka’s.  They said the word cracka (not cracker) about 15 or 20 times and they didn’t just say the word cracker, they said the word cracka with attitude, they accentuated the word as if they weren’t really talking about food.  It just sounded very racial to me.

I’m not a paranoid person either but it just sounded funny that they said it that many times you know?

I understand that a lot of black people are angry.  I get that.  I really do understand because what their ancestors went through is enough to make anybody angry but come on, it was hundreds of years ago.  Lincoln freed the slaves get over it.  Yes black people were treated very poorly even in the 1950’s and 60’s.  They weren’t even allowed to marry white people in the 70’s and I’m sorry for their loss of freedoms.  But what they don’t understand is that, I wasn’t around during the time of their oppression.

My family wasn’t even in this country during slavery times so I have nothing to do with what their ancestors went through.  My mother’s side was in Ireland and Scotland and my father’s side was in Germany.  I have nothing to apologize for because my blood didn’t spill their blood.  My blood line wasn’t racist against them either so back off.

If anything, I’m the one being oppressed now, not just by the African-Americans but by all of America especially California because the government in California is telling me that I cannot get married so take that.  Black people weren’t allowed to marry white people until the 70’s well guess what, I can’t get married either in 2009.

It’s the year 2009, we are halfway to 2010.  Don’t you think it’s time for racism and sexual discrimination to end?  How about all discrimination?  Hows about we make a deal kay?  I won’t call you any names (as I haven’t my entire life) and you don’t call me a cracka anymore kay?  Thanks.

Dumbing Down in Bakersfield

Ok so I’m at the corner market buying eggs and a loaf of bread. I go to the counter and there are 2 women standing in front of the counter purchasing their groceries, I’m on their right and there is a woman on their left. The woman on the left asks “ok how much is 2 plus 6?” and the woman on the right says “um… 12?”

Excuse me? 12? Is that your final answer? I seem to recall covering this in elementary school and although I don’t remember everything from when I was in school, I definitely remember how to count and the correct response is 8. But my question is, why are you asking how much 2+6 is in the first place? It’s a no brainer. It’s an automatic answer in your own head. Sigh.

Jury Finds O.J. Simpson Guilty On All Charges

13 years ago today O.J. Simpson was acquitted of a double homicide in Brentwood, CA and now he is found guilty on all 12 charges in the gunpoint robbery of two sports memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas casino hotel room more than a year ago.  You could see his friend and 2 women crying as they heard each charge read along with guilty.

Darrin says that each charge brings 5 years to life in prison and that’s 12 charges which means he will never see freedom again in his life.  He is 61 years old now so if he makes it to the age of 121 he might be able to get off on good behavior.  I doubt it though.