Offensive Anti-Gay Calendar

I heard a couple of days ago that this calendar was being sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  At first I didn’t believe that it was an actual calendar because I didn’t want to believe that someone would sell such a thing, but it’s true.  Barnes & Noble had discontinued sales while Amazon still sold it, but has since taken it down.

I was reading the “about the author” part, and this is what it said:

“In the early ’80s Joe parlayed his position as one of the original Blue Sky Rangers, [Mattel Electronics videogame designers] into a Department of Defense [D.O.D.] software engineer, enjoying a TOP SECRET security clearance at Lockheed’s fabled Rye Canyon facility [Skunk Works], original nest for the SR-71 Blackbird fleet. Today he suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous mis-fortune – frequently at the hands of other cartoonists!”

Does that last sentence mean that the other cartoonists hate him?  Hmmm, could it be because he’s a bigot?

“The 2004 Pulitzer Prize Nominee most recently served as Artist-In-Residence at the Charles M. Schulz Museum and is currently in production of several self-syndicated comic strips distributed world-wide under the banner of his publishing forge:; a whimsical fusion of fine art, popular culture and humorous illustrations. Joe King, a native Son of the Golden West – born in the shadow of The Lone Ranger Rock – is making the world a funnier place one cartoon at a time. Explore more of his creative universe at”

Pulitzer Prize Nominee, but not winner?  Shocking.

I was so offended by this that I took all of the ads for Amazon down from my site.  I was not going to sell my book through the Amazon website until this calendar was taken down either.  I am actually also kind of pissed off at CreateSpace because that is who I was going to use to sell paper copies of my book through Amazon.

I am glad that both Barnes & Noble and Amazon have taken that horrible monstrosity from their site down because my book is almost ready to be published.  I can feel good about buying my webcam through them again, because I started to feel like a hypocrite for buying it with the $25 gift card that I won the other day.  So thanks Amazon for making things right.

Books Being Deleted by Amazon?

I am a huge fan of technology and when I first heard that Amazon came out with a e-book reader I was so thrilled at the thought of it.  But of course I can’t afford one with the price they charge for it.  However, after reading this article on the SyFy tech website about Amazon deleting books from Kindle owners it got me a bit concerned.

SHIFT: Is Big Brother Living In Your Kindle?

Can you imagine buying an e-book then go to read it and it’s gone?  In all fairness to Amazon they refunded the money back to all those that they deleted it from.  And the books were illegal too.  But if you buy a book from the amazon website how do you know if you are buying a legal copy of it?  I mean, you are trusting that Amazon is going to sell you legal copies of e-books right?

Well, Amazon has apologized about the whole thing and they promised to put that delete button away in the basement.  They are such a good company that I will probably still trust them to keep their word.  They just need to stop selling illegal books lol.

This has not deterred me from still wishing I had a Kindle, I mean, I have one in my Amazon Wish List (link to the right), the new one for $299.  I’m going to continue to wish that I had it too until I get the money to buy it.  But then again I think I’m still holding out for color touchscreen with a 8.5″x11″ paper sized display for $99 to $199.  I’m going to be waiting awhile lol.

Kindle Pays For Itself

I was looking at the Amazon website again (yeah yeah yeah) and I was looking at the reviews for the newspapers just to see if it was worth it.  I saw that for Time magazine people were saying they were disappointed because there were no pictures, just articles.  Well, you need pictures with articles, especially in time magazine.

So I went to the New York Times newspaper and scrolled down to the reviews and the 2nd review from the top this guy said that he was paying $35 a month for his paper but now he pays $14 a month.  So basically the Kindle pays for itself from what amount this guy is saving from getting the digital version of his newspaper.

This person pays $420 a year for his new york times newspaper. He now pays $14 a month instead of $35 so now he pays $168 per year which means he is now saving $252 a year on the newspaper. The kindle doesn’t exactly pay for itself in a year but maybe a year and half.  That’ll work.

I don’t know how much our newspaper is because I don’t pay for it, Darrin pays for it because he is who reads it.  I don’t even read the newspaper.  I asked him how much he pays and he couldn’t recall.  I said is it like $15 a month?  $20 a month?  He said yeah I guess.  Currently our local newspaper is not available for the Kindle but it is available at for $10 a month but you have to view that on a PC or a laptop via browser or you can download it and view it through software called iBrowse.  You can also print pages.  If it were available via Kindle then that might be incentive enough for me to buy one so he can read the newspaper but unfortunately it’s not so, oh well.

But it is good to know that the Kindle pays for itself with certain newspapers and magazines.

Amazon Kindle 2

In my previous blog about e-books I talked about the pro’s and con’s of e-books.  Well, most of the day I’ve been obsessively researching e-book technology and I have to say that I’m really excited about the future.

E-books use e-ink.  They don’t hardly use any power so the battery lasts a whole week.  You turn it on, press the menu and find the book you are reading, and by the way it shows in that menu the page you were on so you don’t have to find where you were at, it keeps it bookmarked from the last page you were reading.  Then you click the book you want to read and start reading.  Once that page is loaded it stops using any of the power from the battery.  You can have it sitting there for an hour on that page and it won’t use any power.  Once you press the button to turn the page then it uses power to turn the page then you see the words change and then no more power usage.  The battery will last basically a week before you have to charge it at all.  And when you do charge it, it takes about 2 hours to charge.

If however you are flipping through the Amazon website and flipping through pages of a e-magazine then yeah, it’s going to use a lot more of your battery and it will probably last 2 or 3 days before needing charged.

I love the idea of waking up every morning and the newspaper is already downloaded on your kindle.

It would also be good if the catalog companies would deliver their catalogs directly to your Kindle so that you don’t have to 1, wait for them to come in the mail and clog up your mail box and 2, waste paper when you throw it out.  This way you can flip through them then delete the file when you are finished reading it.  That is if you decide you want to, you can keep it if you want.

Another thing I want to obsess er um I mean discuss is the hard drive.  The previous Kindle 1 from last year only has a 256mb hard drive allowing you to store 200 e-books but the new Kindle 2 has a 2GB allowing you to have a hell of a lot more.  I don’t know exactly how many but it’s a lot.  Can you just imagine maybe in another year or 2 when they come out with the Kindle 3 it might have 2TB.  Then you will have a crap load of books and magazines and newspapers.  You won’t ever have to delete anything because you will have tons of room.

As I said in my last post, I’m waiting for it to be cheaper, in color and have touch screen.  Well, I watched a video today of the guy who invented Amazon talking to Martha Stewart and she kept mentioning color e-ink and he said it was in the labs.  Not their labs but in labs period.  Well, I’ve been seeing e-books with color e-ink so I know it is possible and I’m sure in Kindle 3 it will have color e-ink.

My other issue is about the touch screen.  I think it is a lot better than buttons.  I saw an e-book from that was touch screen, all you do is press and drag the page and it turns the page, or you just press the right side of the pager to flip it.  And also when you are on the website trying to buy a book you touch the screen for the keyboard and it comes up so you can type the name of the author or book title.  I think the Kindle keyboard is just too much.  Although it does have more of a use than just buying books, you can make notes in your books.  You can also highlight sentences.