Fringe on Science Channel


I have to admit something, I’ve never seen Fringe.  Yeah I know, some nerd I am.  Well, apparently I didn’t get the memo when this show began that it was science fiction and/or supernatural in nature.  I think if I knew, I would’ve been a regular viewer.  I think the fact that it was on Fox had something to do with why I didn’t watch it, because I have always connected Fox with Fox News so therefore I refused to watch it.  I got over that and ended up watching other shows, but I still didn’t know Fringe was SciFi/Supernatural.

I did add it to my Netflix queue, but I don’t have Netflix anymore because I never found time to watch anything, so I canceled because I was paying for nothing.  Science channel has decided to air Fringe every Tuesday, which gives me a second chance to watch it from the beginning.

November 20th, 2012, Science channel is breathing new life into this show and I will be able to watch it since it comes on at 5pm here.  That works perfectly for me because I normally watch Attack of the Show on G4 at 4pm and this ends at 8pm right when my regular shows begin.  It couldn’t have worked out any better.

I don’t know anything about Fringe, so I am going in blind just like everyone else did before the show began.  I don’t want to know anything about it because I don’t like spoilers.  It’s like when you start reading a book or are in the middle and someone says oh hey, the twin did it.  ARGH!  I don’t want to know!  I have heard how gruesome it is though, so that I am prepared for since I see gruesome stuff on my other supernatural shows.  I guess I have this “I’ve seen it all so nothing shocks me” attitude going in.

I look forward to being dazzled by Joshua Jackson, or as I like to call him, Pacey.

Exclusive: The Truth Behind Teresa Giudice’s Nephew on ‘Housewives’ Reunion

Did anyone watch the reunion of the New Jersey Housewives last night on Bravo? I watched it twice.

You know I have a strange relationship with these housewives shows. I hate them but I love them lol. I love to hate them lol.

My favorite of all the housewives shows is New Jersey. I didn’t watch the first season for some strange reason and this is the only season that I’ve watched and boy have I been watching it too, sometimes twice. I really love Caroline Manzo. I think she has a good head on her shoulders. She kind of reminds me of my mother (looks, not attitude lol) so that right there gives me a reason to like her even more. She is the mother I wish I had if I could do it over.

I don’t really like Danielle very much but on the other hand, she makes really good tv lol.

I have to wait another week for part 2 of this reunion to see how it all went down.

If you missed the Teresa blowup, click the popeater link to watch the video. I don’t know why Amplify didn’t copy it over.

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Exclusive: The Truth Behind Teresa Giudice’s Nephew on ‘Housewives’ Reunion

You saw it, the earth-shaking exchange between Danielle Staub and Teresa Giudice on Monday night’s ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ reunion special. The F-bomb barrage started with a question from Danielle to Teresa: “Did you acknowledge your nephew? Did you?” Teresa replied, “Yeah, of course I did,” but after pausing for a second, she exploded. EXPLODED!

“Danielle doesn’t intimidate me. I don’t care if she stays on the show or not,” Teresa tells me in an exclusive statement regarding the explosive reunion show.

So, what’s the story behind the “nephew” drama? A friend of Teresa’s reveals that what viewers saw was Danielle accusing her co-star of not visiting a nephew in the hospital at his birth. I’m told Teresa was at the hospital when the child was born last April, and that he’s perfectly fine and beautiful.

Teresa was actually confused as to what Danielle was even talking about. But what set her off was the sudden realization that Danielle was dipping her toes into her private business.

“Danielle is obsessed with Teresa. Digging around her extended family,” a family friend tells me. “Danielle brought up a lie about Teresa not visiting her nephew and then Bravo edited it to look more sudden than it was, of course. The best thing to do is just ignore everything Danielle says. That’s what Teresa does.”

The verbal fight, in which Teresa even shoved host (and Bravo exec) Andy Cohen, shocked more than just the viewers. It also blew away other ‘Housewives’ on the stage. WATCH THE MADNESS >>

“Insanity, complete insanity,” is how Caroline Manzo described the scene to me in an exclusive statement . “We filmed for ten hours and by the end of the day, I was speechless. It took me two days to recover, I seriously could not compose a rational thought for hours.”

Rumors have circulated that Teresa would leave the show if Danielle was invited back for another season. However, friends of our favorite housewife tell me that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I just talked to her and it’s funny but she actually doesn’t care if Danielle comes back for another season or not,” a friend of Teresa’s tells me. “Teresa’s not intimidated or scared of Danielle. She actually thinks Danielle makes good TV and is amusing. If anything, she feels sorry for her. All she has in her life is this show.”

My insider adds, “Teresa, on the other hand, doesn’t spend one second of her time thinking about Danielle.”

Sources confirm that it is the Manzo family that has made it very clear to Bravo that if Danielle stays, they go. Family member Dina Manzo has already quit the show and made it clear she would not be part of anything that involves Danielle, saying publicly that they are worried about their safety and that of their families when Danielle is around.

However, “Teresa doesn’t feel that Danielle is a threat to her family or happiness at all,” an insider tells me. “She’s much tougher than that!”


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Cracka Please

Why is it ok now for African-American people to call white people cracker all the time?  I want to know why this is accepted!  That is not a compliment.  They are calling white people cracker just like white people called them another word that begins with a N.

I’ve never called a “black” person a name in my entire life.  Nor have I ever called a Mexican person or a Jewish person or an Indian (not native American but they count too) or an Irish person any race a derogatory name.  In my ENTIRE life.

The reason I’m blogging on this subject is because I went to the grocery store this evening to buy some dinner.  I was standing at the express lane check stand and these 2 women got in line behind me.  One mentioned that she forgot the cracka’s and the other said oh I hate cracka’s.  They said the word cracka (not cracker) about 15 or 20 times and they didn’t just say the word cracker, they said the word cracka with attitude, they accentuated the word as if they weren’t really talking about food.  It just sounded very racial to me.

I’m not a paranoid person either but it just sounded funny that they said it that many times you know?

I understand that a lot of black people are angry.  I get that.  I really do understand because what their ancestors went through is enough to make anybody angry but come on, it was hundreds of years ago.  Lincoln freed the slaves get over it.  Yes black people were treated very poorly even in the 1950’s and 60’s.  They weren’t even allowed to marry white people in the 70’s and I’m sorry for their loss of freedoms.  But what they don’t understand is that, I wasn’t around during the time of their oppression.

My family wasn’t even in this country during slavery times so I have nothing to do with what their ancestors went through.  My mother’s side was in Ireland and Scotland and my father’s side was in Germany.  I have nothing to apologize for because my blood didn’t spill their blood.  My blood line wasn’t racist against them either so back off.

If anything, I’m the one being oppressed now, not just by the African-Americans but by all of America especially California because the government in California is telling me that I cannot get married so take that.  Black people weren’t allowed to marry white people until the 70’s well guess what, I can’t get married either in 2009.

It’s the year 2009, we are halfway to 2010.  Don’t you think it’s time for racism and sexual discrimination to end?  How about all discrimination?  Hows about we make a deal kay?  I won’t call you any names (as I haven’t my entire life) and you don’t call me a cracka anymore kay?  Thanks.

Long Grass

I mowed the lawn the other day but only got halfway through before the lawn mower quit on me.  I didn’t even get to do Chips rental house next door and he was mad that I didn’t mow that lawn first.  Oh well, you can’t win.  I’m mowing for free and get yelled at anyway.

So I was supposed to try again today because maybe the lawn mower just needed a little time out to think about what it did then let me mow but nooooo.  It still has an attitude.  So the rental house has long grass.  I bet I’ll get yelled at for not even trying.

It’s not my fault the lawn mower doesn’t work.  It has a full tank of gas and the oil is at the full line and I also did an oil change like 5 or 6 mows ago which was when I started mowing for the season.

Well, it looks like he’s gonna have to bring it back to Floyd’s to have it serviced tomorrow.  Good thing because I need to get that gel seat cover for my bike there anyway lol.  2 birds you know?