Los Angeles Times for Nook

One of the reasons I wanted to buy the Nook is so that I could get Darrin a subscription to the Los Angeles times. A monthly subscription is only $10 but he buys it every day despite him having a subscription to the Bakersfield Californian. He reads BOTH! If he got the Nook subscription he would save $20 per month because they cost $1 per day and $2 on Sundays.

I was looking at the customer reviews on the Barnes and Noble website for the Los Angeles Times for Nook and because customers had given them such a bad review I decided that I wouldn’t get it.

Although, now that I have my Nook I still wanted to see what it would look like so I bought todays paper for .75¢.

You know it’s not that bad. The customer reviews said that they don’t have chapters but they do. The chapters are the different sections of the newspaper like Calendar, Sports etc.

The front page shows what I assume to be the main article that you see on the front of the actual newspaper, the headliner. It’s not the entire article, it’s a picture then a title and the first paragraph from the article. If you want to read it you can push the little button on the touchscreen for opening a book, although in this case it’s opening an article or you just push the buttons on the side to turn the page for more articles which have the same deal. You aren’t forced to read any article you don’t want, just turn the page until you find the one you want to read then click it to read.

I read a few articles already and it actually reads very well. I’m glad that I was persistent enough to actually buy an article before giving up on the whole idea.

Although, Darrin still doesn’t want it. He much prefers to read the actual paper. But that’s good for the Los Angeles times because they are still making money off him with the $8 a week he spends on the paper.

And they say print is dead, HA it’s alive and kicking in this household.


I was just browsing the Nook page on the Barnes and Noble website when I came across this new thing called “pubit!”. It’s a thing that will allow regular people like me write their own book and upload all the files to the pubit page and they will sell your book and give you a cut of the money.

You know it’s funny because I am in the process of writing an autobiography. I’m not famous enough to write one but people have been telling me for years that I should write a book with all the stories I have told about my messed up childhood. So why not write a book?

Well, I’ve been thinking, if I do write this book I have no guarantee that a publisher will publish it for me. I could spend the next 6 months to 2 years writing just to be turned down. So, this gives me a chance to do it and make it happen.

So I signed up. It’s not available yet but they say to sign up and I will be told when they start-up so I can begin uploading all my files. Well, I still have awhile. I’m only in the middle of my first chapter and who knows how long this book will end up being with all the stories that I have to tell.

One thing I’m going to do is read an actual autobiography from someone who is famous to give me more of an idea of what I should put in it and what I should leave out. Oh there are a ton of things that I’m not going to reveal only because it’s very sexual. Yeah that part of my life will be left out lol.

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