Why does FreedomPop creates a new account when you order a new phone?


Before I say one word, I would just like to make a disclaimer that I am in no way shape or form bashing FreedomPop or any of their employees. I just want to make that clear before I get hundreds, oh wait, no one reads my blog, maybe 1 or 2 people. Carry on.

A couple of days ago I bricked my phone. I know, I’m an idiot, I’ll own that. I bought a jig from eBay to unbrick it, but it didn’t work so we went to a cell phone repair place and they told me they don’t do that kind of work. If my phone was run over by a car maybe, but if I did something to the operating system then that’s my problem, not theirs. I probably would’ve been better off if I had just run it over.

Yesterday I called FreedomPop to let them know that I broke my phone and I wanted to buy a new one. The sales girl was really nice and very helpful. She asked for a 2nd email address, which I found a bit odd, but I didn’t question it. After the call was done and she had ordered me a new phone, I verified it with the Bank of America website that my order was in fact placed, I sat patiently waiting for a bunch of emails from FreedomPop to come to me. I waited and waited the whole day until last night when it occurred to me that maybe I should check the 2nd email address that she asked me for. Sure enough 3 emails waiting for me from FreedomPop. Instead of adding a new phone to my current account, she created a new account for me and didn’t even suggest to me that perhaps I should close the other account. I mean, it would stand to reason that I wouldn’t get charged every month for a phone that won’t turn on, right?

Today when we came home from the doctor’s office I decided to call FreedomPop and ask them what the delio is with that new account and what I am going to do with the 2nd account. The girl, who sounded very similar to the girl from yesterday, but from another department was very helpful and she understood what I was telling her, but kind of not really. She said so let me get this straight, you want to close the account for your phone that doesn’t work? Uh yeah… I mean, if you’ve already created a whole new account for me, why would I keep a 2nd account? I also had $30 in that first account that I wouldn’t be getting back if I didn’t close the account.

I just think it’s a bit odd that they would think it was odd that I wanted to continue being charged a monthly fee for an account that I can’t use because the phone won’t turn on. I mean, if I ever decided to build a brick wall, my phone would be in that wall because it’s essentially a brick. It’s a $99 paperweight. Why would I pay a $30 monthly fee for a paperweight? It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, I am happy to report that she finally understood what I was asking and she refunded me the $30 that was sitting in that account, that should help to pay for my new phone. She also cancelled my old account and I got the verification email. Now I can move on with my life again lol.

I bricked my phone

I did a very stupid thing tonight. I bricked my phone. I know, shame on me. I deserve everything I got from it lol.

What happened was, I bought my phone from NoMoreRack a couple of months ago for $99. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and it was refurbished. I was having issues with it not allowing me to do certain things, and I found out that it wasn’t allowing me to do certain things because when it installs apps, it doesn’t install them properly. I tried installing Terraria and it works just fine on my Nook, but not on my phone. I went into the files and saw that the folder wasn’t even there for it. It had installed 1 file in a folder called obb, but it didn’t install the rest of the files in the data folder. I zipped the files up on my Nook and put the zip file on OneDrive and downloaded it and unzipped it and it wouldn’t unzip it. I used File Manager and went into the root settings for rooted devices only and checked the root explorer and checked change system folders and then unzipped it on my SD card, then copied the files from my SD card over to the data folder and it worked, and suddenly I was able to play Terraria on my phone.

So here is what has brought me to this point. A couple of days ago I got a notice that it had downloaded the file for my phone upgrade, it’s actually my root upgrade which is called Philz Touch 6. I went into the root by turning off the phone, then turning it back on while holding the power, home and volume up keys all at the same time, then letting go of the power button when I saw the blue text, then letting go of the home and the volume up button when I saw the little android guy. I noticed that the root is an old old old file, like from 2012 or 2013 or whatever. I figured if it is trying to install the latest version, but it can’t because it refuses to install the files, then perhaps I can do it manually like I did with Terraria. Cause you know, things like that always work out lol. The upgrade went off without a hitch, except for when I went to reboot the phone and it wouldn’t turn back on.

Naturally when something like this happens you go to the message boards and you go to the phones website and yadda yadda. I went to the phones website thinking I’ll just go ahead and buy the same phone from them, but they didn’t give me the option. In fact, I couldn’t find any way for me to even buy a new phone even as an upgrade. I had to email them to tell them that it wanted me to install an upgrade to the phone, and I did, and now it won’t turn on.

jigI continued doing more researched and found a video on YouTube of a guy who had a similar situation that resulted with a bricked phone. He bought something called a Jig on ebay and in the video he plugged the jig in and it turned the phone on into download mode. He made a 2nd video, but I haven’t seen it yet. I was so impressed that I went to ebay where he said he bought his and I bought one too. It’s just a little thing that plugs in where you charge your phone and it was only $5.59 including the shipping, and it is coming from Santa Ana which is basically in Los Angeles. The estimated delivery is Monday, but I’ve gotten things next day from Santa Ana, so I’m keeping my eyes crossed that it comes sooner. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, well, at least it wasn’t $20 or $100.

I’d be curious how it’s supposed to work though. I mean, the phone bricked when I went to reboot after installing the root. Won’t it do the same thing? One of the message boards said to install Samsung Kies and that would fix things, even in what I would call dos mode, but it’s like root mode. It is supposed to check your phone to make sure it has the correct firmware installed, so if I can get it on in download mode, then perhaps I can plug it in to the computer and it will undo what I did and fix whatever the problem is. I sure hope so, because I honestly can’t afford to put another $200 on my credit card. Maybe in 6 months, but not right now.

And of course I will be back here when this jig arrives so I can update you on my progress, so stay tuned…