Bright House Cable Upgrade

A week ago I got in the mail a letter from our cable company “Bright House Cable” saying they are going to be making some changes to the system and to keep an eye out or something.  I don’t have it anymore and I don’t remember what it said.

Yesterday a 1-800 number called and I let the machine pick it up and it was Bright House calling.  It was a recording and I let the machine record it but before it hung up I picked up the phone to hear the rest of the message.  It said that it was going to be upgrading 1 of our cable boxes.  It didn’t say which one, just that 1 of our boxes is going to get the upgrade and the other one will get it in a few weeks.

It was the one in the living room and I am so glad that it was that one and not the one in my bedroom because Darrin would never let me live that down lol.  I have an HD box in my room even though I don’t have an HD tv set.  The cable company gave me the wrong one but I insisted that I’m going to be upgrading my tv anyway (which was a lie) so let me keep it lol.  I said that because some of the HD channels are eastern time zone and I like being able to see the shows 3 hours earlier so that I can watch my network shows when they come on at 8 and 9pm.

One of the reasons why I couldn’t watch Ghost Hunters many years ago was because the new episode always came on at the same time as one of my shows at 9pm but I didn’t know then that they repeat it at 11 lol.  Duh!  But that’s ok, I like to watch the new episode at 6pm even though I don’t have any other Wednesday night shows.  I get to watch the new episodes 4 times, 6pm and 8pm on SyFyHD and 9pm and 11pm on regular SyFy lol.

So I still have to wait a week to 3 weeks for my upgrade.  I was just looking at it and it’s not all that different.  Ok yes it’s really different but it’s not better.  It’s just eye candy is all.  I will record on my dvd recorder what it looks like normal then when I get the upgrade record it with the upgrade and put it on YouTube lol.

Video On Demand

I don’t know if it’s just Bright House cable or not.  I’m sure it’s not although I asked my aunt if she had “On Demand” with her Direct TV and she said she doesn’t know what that is.

For those who do not live in Bakersfield, CA and do not have Bright House cable or any other service provider that doesn’t have On Demand, it’s the best thing since the DVR.

In fact you don’t even need to own a DVR for this.  Hell, you can just toss out your VCR for that matter.

You just flip to the On Demand channel of choice.  Take for example Primetime On Demand.  They have all the networks, CBS, FX, NBC, USA just to name a few.  You choose the network of the show you want to watch.  Then once it has a list of all that networks shows then you scroll to find your show and click Select then find the episode you want to watch and push the B button to play it.  It  has very very limited commercial interruption too.  Like instead of having to wait 2 or 3 minutes you just have to endure a 30 second commercial here and there.  That’s it.

It’s not just Primetime on Demand.  There is HBO and Showtime on Demand which will allow you to watch all the movies you have missed when they aired and you can pause, rewind and even fast forward.  If you missed True Blood then wait until the next day and see it on demand.  Or if you were just a half an hour late just click the Select button for the Start Over feature.  You can’t forward in that mode, just pause but that’s ok, you don’t want to cheat now do you?

The reason I brought it up is because I missed Merlin last night on NBC but they don’t have last nights episode there.  I checked the tv guide website and apparently there was no episode last night so I gotta wait another week lol.  That kinda bites but whacha gonna do eh?

DTV Transition

OK, I’ve been seeing these DTV commercials since last year when they first started them.  It’s not only commercials but a ticker at the top of the screen all freakin’ day long.  Thank goodness I don’t have to see that while watching my shows at night.

If you don’t have a TV then you don’t know what I’m talking about but basically it says that if you use an antenna to watch TV you have to buy a digital converter box and you can get a coupon from the government who is forcing this upon everyone for a free box.  The cable companies are even offering a very basic cable for $10 a month which is unusual.  I was paying $55 a month for basic cable which was 2-77 so I’m sure that $10 cable is 2-13 and all the UHF stations like PBS and the Spanish channels.

They were saying that you have until February 19th or somewhere around there to get this box or you will get static on the tv.  Well, now they’ve decided to postpone it until June 12th.  Well, that’s good for all the procrastinators out there but it’s not good for those of us who are well prepared because we gotta hear about it for another 5 months.  Can we please just stop these commercials and tickers?  Or if not stop them just limit them to 1000 times a day lol.  I mean come on, I am so sick of hearing about it.  I get it.  Put billboards up and quit interrupting my shows with your tickers.

A lot of the commercials are from Bright House cable telling me that I am taken care of because I have Bright House Cable but that I need to tell all my Antenna friends to upgrade.  Please stop these commercials lol.  I don’t want to keep hearing about it.  Oh and after June 12th they are going to continue the commercials for another year telling me to tell all the people who don’t get a signal anymore to get cable lol.