Header and Page Issues in OOo

I am still waiting for my book to return to me with highlights on what needs to be fixed so it’s not really ready to publish.  I have been working on learning how to do headers and page numbers for the paper book.  I am using OpenOffice.org and I know how to do headers, in fact on one page it says my name, and on the other it says the title of the book.  The problem is, I don’t want that to start until the first chapter and I don’t want that to be on the first page of each chapter.  Open a book, you will see what I mean.

I am also having trouble with the page numbers issue.  I mean, I can deal with not having i ii iii iv… etc, before the first chapter, I can have those as numbers, but I’d like to not have the page number on the dedication page and the copyright page.

I can write a book, I just can’t figure out the styles and formatting lol.  It’s very frustrating.  I would love some help if someone can reply to this because I don’t want to publish my book if it doesn’t look right, you know?  I would love it if CreateSpace would add the numbers and headers, but they don’t so I have to deal with all of that bs.  UGH!

*steps down from my soapbox now*

Judge Removes Stay on Prop 8 Ruling

Below are the facts from Towleroad.com. From what I heard on Fox News, gay couples can get married on August 18th but… and it’s a big but(t), that gives the Prop 8 team a week to stop it from happening. They will stop at nothing to “protect” marriage from gay people.

Ok look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times more. Gay people getting married does not hurt straight people’s marriages. If anything it helps the economy because gay people are going to be spending big bucks on their weddings, probably more than straight people would spend.

Now I know that the argument for Prop 8 is not a financial argument but more a moral argument that being gay is immoral according to the bible which was NOT written by a “higher power” but by a bunch of bigots about 2000 years or so ago.

There seems to be a lot of things in the bible that people choose to ignore like that eating shellfish is an abomination (obama-nation?) LEV 10:10, slavery is a good thing especially when you are selling your own DAUGHTER Exodus 21:7, if you wear glasses you cannot get in to heaven LEV 21:23, that is something that everyone seems to forget and so many more.

My personal favorite is the one that says if you work on the sabbath you must be put to death. Oh yes it’s in there. Exodus 35:2. Check it out.

Now, please do me a favor, if you are going to ignore all these other things, please ignore all the gay BS in the bible. Thank you.

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Judge Removes Stay on Prop 8 Ruling; Gay Couples Can Marry Aug 18

UPDATE: WE now have official documents. The stay is in place until August 18, at which time couples can marry as far as I can see.

is reporting that Judge Walker has lifted the stay on his ruling striking down Proposition 8, meaning couples are free to marry in California.

AWAITING official documents…

Also no word on the status of any appeal…

Said Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry in a statement:

“California is now the sixth state where same-sex couples share in the freedom to marry. As the Governor, the Attorney General, and Judge Walker have all concluded, there is no good reason to continue excluding same-sex couples from marriage. Same-sex couples across California can once again share in the respect and personal significance of marriage, as well as the critical safety net of protections and responsibilities that marriage will bring to their families. We are witnessing a growing consensus in America that loving and committed same-sex couples deserve the same respect and the same rights as everyone else. Americans on all sides of the aisle, from Laura Bush to Bill Clinton, have embraced the reality that the freedom to marry helps families, while hurting no one. As same-sex couples in California today celebrate their love,commitment, and equal protection under the law, a majority of Californians and a majority of Americans support their right to marry.”

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