How To Change A Dell DJ Battery

I just posted this video on YouTube.  It’s sort of a tutorial on how to change the battery in a Dell DJ-20.


I got this for Christmas in 2004 but it didn’t actually arrive until the middle of January 2005 so technically the day I got it is when the warranty started.  Over the next year the battery would start to die so when I charge it it’s supposed to have 8 hours of battery life but that started going down more and more until it wouldn’t even turn on at all.

I called Dell about getting a new battery but since my warranty had lapsed (they never contacted me to renew it, I didn’t think to call them because I thought I had a 2 year warranty, that’s what I chose when we bought it through their website) so they refused to help me.  I told the person I was talking to that I basically had a $318 paper weight.  The guy said yeah I understand but without a warranty there is nothing we can do.  I asked about buying a new battery, they wanted like $75 for a new one.  I couldn’t afford that.

So it sat in a drawer until September 2008 when I wanted to start riding my bike for exercise.  I didn’t want to ride without my tunes so I went on eBay and found a battery for a Dell DJ-20.  Unfortunately it was .50mm too wide and it would’ve ended up costing me more than the battery was worth to send it back so I said screw it, I’ll make it work.

In this video I will demonstrate how to remove the old one and put in the new one.  Although mine I couldn’t put it in so I had to tape it to the back.  But it works and that’s all that matters.  I actually put the Dell DJ into a neoprene camera case to protect it.

I don’t know why but when I was video taping myself doing this my hands all of a sudden got so shaky.  I was kinda afraid of breaking it when pulling the old battery out even though I had to put it in for this video and then take it back out lol.  I knew what I was doing because I did it before but I got nervous all of a sudden I guess.

Anyway, for those people who have been searching for this, here you go.  I would’ve embedded the video in here but it just looks better at the YouTube website since it’s widescreen.

Dell DJ Battery

Since my Dell DJ battery is too big but it still works I have to just keep it on the outside lol.  I have a neoprene camera case that it fits perfectly into and I had it out because I was adding a CD to the   and all of a sudden it shut off and I looked and one of the wires snapped off where it had been soldered.  Needless to say I’m not happy because when I start riding my bike again I will have no music to listen to unless I can find someone with a soldering iron.

Dell DJ Tweak

As I’ve stated in my previous blogs, when I got my Dell DJ Battery it wouldn’t fit inside the case but it still plugs in and works fine.  The only thing is, I have to stick it to the back of the DJ with a rubber band and the bottom isn’t on so I must have it in a neoprene camera case.  I would’ve prefered if the DJ was in a case that has a clear plastic front like they make for iPods and iPhones that have elastic to put around your arm.  This way I’d be able to change the song.  I would just have to cut a hole for the scroll wheel that’s all.  But this is fine.

I have a remote so I can pause, play, go to the previous song and the next, raise and lower volume and turn the radio on.  If I want to change whats playing I have to take the DJ out of the camera case.  Which is no problem.  I have 5 cd’s queued up all the time and they are all newish and what I want to listen to while riding my bike.

Well, here are the pictures that I just took of the DJ with the battery on the outside laying next to its case.  To see the full size of these pictures just click them.