Dark Shadows (2012) with Johnny Depp

I have been waiting for Dark Shadows for a few months and I couldn’t wait to go see it.  I never had the chance to see the original Dark Shadows because I wasn’t born when it first began and I was only a baby when it ended, so I never got the full experience.

I actually didn’t even know about it until I saw an episode of King and Queens when it was brought up because there was a convention that Spence (Patton Oswalt) was going to go to but his girlfriend wouldn’t let him go only because Carrie (Leah Remini) told her to stand up for herself which turned her into a crazy control freak.

Darrin told me when we were leaving the theater that this movie had gotten a few bad reviews.  Well guess what, they can suck an egg because this was a good movie.  Anything with Johnny Depp is going to be awesome and I really don’t listen to those reviews anyway.

Netflix has the original series, I don’t know how many episodes they have, but it says they have all 4 seasons.  I looked it up on IMDB and it doesn’t say that it has more than 1 season, it just shows 1966 – 1971.  I tried to watch it on the internet but I could only find 12 episodes which were dated in 1966.  It was a 5 day a week show so there are going to be a ton of episodes to watch, 1225 episodes to be exact since that is how many episodes IMDB says there are, luckily they were only 30 minutes long.  Then go check it out on Hulu because there was a remake of only 12 episodes from the 90’s.  So that should be quite interesting to watch.

I saw an interview on TV where they said that Johnny Depp was in the original series as the little boy.  Well, he was born in 1963 and the show first began in 1966 so it was possible, but he would’ve only been 3 years old.  Well, I scrolled through the list of cast members and his name was nowhere to be seen.  I then went to his IMDB page and his career began in 1984 with a Nightmare on Elm Street.  I know this is not even worth mentioning since it’s not even true, but you know, it’s something they said on TV and well, there you have it.

At any rate, go see this movie because it was very good and it was fun to watch.  Since I never saw the original, I didn’t get any inside jokes if there were any from the original series.  If you never saw the original then you won’t get it either, but it doesn’t matter because the movie was funny enough on it’s own.

When you go, get your picture taken on one of the displays for Dark Shadows like I did…


I’ve always loved the show Stargate SG-1 but only watched it occasionally but since I wasn’t a regular watcher of the show I was always lost.  So a couple of months ago I decided to sit and watch it every day when it came on Sci-Fi.  I started paying attention to it when Ben Browder came onto the show.  No reason why I paid attention to him, just a coincidence lol.  Don’t put any thought into it lol.

I know that I’m still probably lost and I figured that they would be nearing the end of the last season soon so I can start watching it from the beginning again but I don’t know when that will be.

Stargate Universe will be coming in the fall and I really want to be caught up by then.  Although, it doesn’t look like it’s from the same era, it looks like it might be in the future but I won’t know until it comes on.  I want to be really caught up with SG-1 before I start watching SGU anyway.

Yesterday I bought the original 1994 Stargate movie which I have seen before but I want to start it all over by watching the movie.  Plus I’m sure there are some bonus features.  Maybe.  I’ll have to wait until it comes in the mail.

I also bought another Stargate which I had no idea even existed.  “Stargate Infinity: The Complete Series” which apparently is a cartoon with half hour episodes.  There was only 1 season so it wasn’t a very good one I guess lol.  I can only assume they were trying to target the show to kids because some of the cast members were teenagers lol.  As if Stargate Command would have teenager soldiers fighting the fight.  Hilarious.  I bought it because it’s campy to me.

I was going to start buying each season on DVD but there are 10 seasons at $21 each and I can buy the entire series in a big box for $115 and get 2 bonus discs with all bonus features.  So I’m just going to do that.  I’m going to have to wait until next month though to set aside half then on my birthday pay for the rest so this will be my birthday present to myself lol.

When I’m done with all that then I’m going to buy Stargate Atlantis.  Although, I might wait until they have the entire series in a box.  Right now I think they only have each season sold individually.  I will work on getting that before the fall so I’m REALLy caught up hehe.