Wonder Woman 2011

I loved Wonder Woman when I was a kid.  As I was running away from the bullies to run home, I was also running home to watch this because it was on at 3pm.  I would come home just in time for it to start and I was allowed to watch this before I had to do my homework.

When I heard that they were going to remake Wonder Woman into a new show on NBC I thought, great, wonderful, I can’t wait to see how they redo it.  But then I got to thinking about how they remade the Bionic Woman and Knight Rider and how those shows didn’t even last a full season.  I now see her costume and am thinking the same thing about this new remake because people are not liking this costume.

I found the link to this article on the Yahoo front page as I was checking my email – See the First Photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. That link is dead… new link ‘Wonder Woman’: First look at Adrianne Palicki in costume.  At first glance I thought, oh well, it looks nice.  But then I went down to the comments and I’m seeing all of the negativity about the costume and how her boobs look fake so I go find the picture of Lynda Carter in her costume.  At first the negative comments were pissing me off but then I started thinking, I kinda have to agree with some of them.

First I just want to say that no matter how her costume looks, I will still watch this show from the beginning to end.  Wonder Woman and any super heroes have my loyalty forever, no matter how their costumes look.  I am not trying to be negative in what I say about her costume so don’t take that in the wrong way, these are just my opinions.  So getting that out of the way, this is what I think about the before and after.

I do like the new costume but here are a few things I don’t like about it:

I think her boots should be red as Lynda Carters were and as they were red in the original comic books.  She is missing her stars on her costume, they should be on her pants somewhere.  And why is she wearing pants now?  The original comic book Wonder Woman wore shorts.  Why not stick to that standard?  She has the body for shorts so why not show it off?

I do like her top but her chest area is too plastic looking, not just the outfit but her boobs.  It’s like the seam line of the boobs on the costume match perfectly with her actual boobs which make it look like she’s a plastic blow up doll and the costume was painted onto her chest.  As you can see in the original Wonder Woman costume, her boobs aren’t that pronounced.  Yes I realize that women’s boobs are more pushed up these days and people think that’s sexy but there is a huge difference between sexy and plastic.  All they have to do is take out that seam line in the costume and push her boobs up with like a push-up bra or something.

Like I said, I do like the costume but it’s too shiny.  If they could just tone down the plastic and give her some fabric instead, that would be much easier to move around in and to breathe.  She’s going to be sweating up a storm in there.  Remember, she’s going to be wearing that costume for hours every day doing scenes about 4 times each.

I don’t want to sound too critical, I’m just saying that they have gone way off the reservation is all.  I do like it but it’s just a bit strange and different.  We’re all used to the old and most people don’t like change, especially when it’s this dramatic of a change.  Like how they changed Batman as much as they have.  I liked the original but on the other hand I didn’t mind the new changes they made.  It’s sort of the same as this, I do like the original but I also like this, I just wish they would make a couple of modifications that’s all.

I can’t wait for this to premiere this fall on NBC.  I don’t know the day of the week it will be on or if it will be on at 8pm or 9pm but will soon find out this summer when the Futon Critic website posts the Fall schedule.  In the meantime, check out this original 5 minute pilot episode of Wonder Woman from 1967 that never made it to air and never turned into a series.


Edit: Apparently NBC heard all of the critical feedback (bitching and moaning) from people so they changed the costume. It still doesn’t look right because it’s pants but it’s a lot better than before.

Goodbye IHOP, Hello Big Boy

A few months ago I noticed that 2 of Bakersfield’s IHOP’s have turned from a blue color to a red color and renamed “Clay’s”.  I can’t go to Clay’s because it makes me think of Clay Aiken and then I just imagine all the waitresses and waiters have Clay Aiken hair and they are singing to their customers trying to get their order.  It sends shivers down my spine.  Hehe just kidding.

But on a positive note, the Bakers Square on Ming Ave. closed down (well, that’s not the positive part) and a Bob’s Big Boy is moving in its place.  I’ve loved that place since I was a kid.  My parent’s always bought me the Big Boy comic books and I had some Big Boy toys.  The burgers were very similar to Big Macs but they didn’t have the same sauce, the Big Boy burger had a better sauce.

The one thing I remember about Bob’s Big Boy was the hairdo’s of all the waitresses.  They were always high up like they had bee hives but with curls all over them.  That is definitely what makes Bob’s Big Boy to me.  The comic books, burgers and hairdo’s.

Comic Books

Wow, I didn’t know there were so many comic books out there.  I knew about the obvious ones, Spiderman, Superman, X-Men etc.  But there are some that I didn’t know about like from tv shows that I watch or used to watch but are now gone.

Here is a list of comic books from tv shows that I used to watch

  • Futurama
  • The Simpsons
  • Eureka!
  • Farscape (I actually missed that show because we didn’t have cable when it was on.  I found out about it way later and by then they were in their last season so I just got to see a few episodes)
  • Buffy the vampire slayer (I actually knew about this)
  • Star War
  • World of Warcraft (from the game?)
  • Angel (is this the Buffy spin off or something else?)
  • Doctor Who
  • Ghost Whisperer

This list is from G-Mart, that page you can order comic books.  I seriously didn’t know that there were that many comic books.  I used to love comic books as a kid, especially Mad Magazine and I wish I still got it or some comic books.  That would be so neat.  I’d love to get the Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who and Ghost Whisperer comic books.  Eureka! and Farscape would be cool too.  Some of them are $2 a month and some are $5 a month.  Too much for me right now.  Plus I’ve missed all the earlier from the beginnings so I’m sure I’ve missed tons of information.  Oh well.