Kitchen Faucet

For the last 4 years that we’ve been living in this house I have been bitching about how bad the water pressure is in the kitchen. I thought it was the pipes and it was an internal thing so we just never went out and got a new faucet.

Yesterday we were at the hardware store for something totally unrelated and while we were there Darrin said while were here let’s get a new faucet so we did. About half hour or so after we got home I went in there, took everything out from under the sink and that was a lot of stuff and changed it.

It was very difficult getting the old one off because the hot and cold hoses were screwed right next to each other because the old faucet was the kind with 1 handle that you move up then right for cold then left for hot.

So I finally got it all off and put the new one on and the water pressure is so much better now. I almost had a hard time doing the dishes last night because the pressure was so good, I wasn’t used to it and I was trying to make it so I didn’t get too much water going for fear of wasting it hehe.