This is not a very popular subject, mainly because people are 50/50 when it comes to ghosts. I’m sure I’ll have a few people saying “boooooo” because they don’t believe in ghosts, while others are more open minded and not judgmental.

When I was a kid, I started seeing what I call the shadow people. I saw them when we lived in Sepulveda on Orion just after my grandmother passed away, then I started seeing 2 of them when we moved to Van Nuys. Of course no one believed me. Most people say that children and animals see spirits, but you stop seeing them when you become a teenager or adult or whatever. I have stopped seeing them, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped sensing them.

We used to have a cat named Shanaynay, she passed away in 2009. No, this isn’t about her, but in a way it is. When we lived in the house next door from 2000 to 2004, I used to lay on the couch in the living room and I would feel the cat jump on the couch and then walk over to my chest area and lay down. Most of the time my eyes were closed when this happened, and I would reach my hand down to pet her, but nothing was there. I would open my eyes and be shocked that there was nothing there. That happened every day for 4 years.

When we moved to the bigger house that we live in now after my partner’s mother passed away, I didn’t have a mattress for my bedroom, so we moved his mother’s bed into my room and I slept on that. I would feel a cat jump on the bed and walk around, then eventually several cats. I’ve told my partner about it and he never believed me, until one day when he was in my bedroom and he had his eyes closed. I was sitting at my computer and suddenly he asked me if our cat jumped up on the bed, and I knew she was out in the outdoor covered patio, so she couldn’t have been in the house. FINALLY! Someone else experienced the ghost cat! I finally felt vindication after years of being told that there are no such thing as ghost cats.

So getting to now… I’ve been laying on my bed playing PlayStation 4 games, mostly Minecraft because I can’t stop playing that stupid addictive game lol. The last few nights, nearly a week, I’ve been feeling my bed vibrating, but a little bit stronger than just a vibration. I actually haven’t felt the cats in a very long time, not since we got rid of that old mattress and bought a new one. I still have his mother’s box spring, but a new mattress. I don’t expect to get rid of the cats, but I sense something new. When I lay in bed I can feel the bed moving as if someone is moving around on it. I know this is something new because the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I get chills all over, that never happened with the cats. I know I’m not crazy, and I know it’s not just a delusion.

Something else happened tonight when I was doing the dishes. I was just standing there at the sink and out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walk to the front door, but the door didn’t open. At first I thought it was my partner playing a joke on me, because he knew I was getting the cats food ready for them, so I thought he was going to stand at the door so when I walked out of the kitchen I would be startled by his standing at the front door. I didn’t want to play that scare game, so I walked over to the living room and he was laying on his chair sound asleep. I went to the front door and there wasn’t anyone there.  Spooky!

So needless to say I’m feeling a bit awkward tonight as I sit here at 2:36am typing this with the light on in my room trying to spend as much time as I can awake lol. I know I will have to go to bed, but I’m frightened LOL.

Oh well, better just deal with it and go to bed.I’m sure it is nothing, but perhaps I better start recording audio with my Dell DJ to be sure. You never know if you might get some strange sounds or voices.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year.  Not just because you have a legit excuse to eat candy but because it’s a day that you can pretend to be something you aren’t.

I loved Halloween as a kid but my mother was poor, she couldn’t always buy me a costume.  One year she put an old sheet over me with holes in it for the eyes.  It wasn’t a great costume since it was a pink flowered sheet.  I don’t think anyone was convinced I was a ghost lol.

Sometimes she would get her make-up out and dress me up as a hobo.  I would wear my oldest clothes that had holes in them and she would get them dirty and make the holes bigger.  She would put a 5-o’clock shadow on my face and then she would find a stick and tie a bandanna on one end and it would have socks in it to make it look like it had stuff in there.

Some years when she had the money she would buy a costume but I was never given a choice in the matter.  Here is an example:

This is a pretty lame costume but it’s the only Halloween photo I have.  I was the easter bunny for Halloween lol.

The costumes weren’t always this lame though.  Some years I was dressed up as a clown with the clown hair, some years a cowboy and since my parents loved country music, we all had cowboy hats so that costume didn’t cost a dime.  One year my parents bought fatigues for everyone and we were army people.

No matter how good or bad our costumes were, it was fun to go out and be someone else for a few hours.

When we were old enough, when I was 9, we were sent out on our own.  My sister was 11 and she usually baby sat me anyway and it was a bunch of us, my 3 cousins, my sister and I, we would go around the neighborhood trick or treating in the neighboring apartment buildings.

My parents never took our candy away from us and mixed them together, although they did go through them to make sure there were no razor blades and they would toss out all the fruit.  But then we were given the rest in our bag and allowed to eat that as we wanted to, which was usually until we ended up too sick to eat any more.  Then of course when our tummies felt better we would eat more until eventually the candy was gone.  The bags usually lasted a few days.

Just because I’m all grown up doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy the holiday.  I started carving pumpkins around 1997 with those cool pattern books with the saws and I would carve a few patterns every year.  The last year I carved a pumpkin was in 2007, that’s because Darrin joined a church that doesn’t allow their members to enjoy Halloween and he wouldn’t let me put my pumpkins outside anymore out of fear that he would get kicked out of his church.

My fun was stamped on but I still enjoy Halloween and I will never stop because I feel that my body may be getting old, my mind is still that little child in that bunny costume.

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope it’s a great one and I hope you don’t get too many cavities from all the candy you are about to consume.

Crewel Lye

I finished reading the 8th Xanth Novel today called “Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn”.

This was sort of different from the rest of the Xanth novels that I read. This time the story was all about Jordan the ghost. He was telling 5-year-old Ivy the story of his life and how he died.

In order for him to tell his story they had to clean the magic tapestry with a homemade cleaner (which was a crewel lye) but he died because of a crewel lie. See the pun? I forgot where it was but there was a reference to spinning a yarn (telling a story) but it was caustic? LOL I don’t remember now. The puns are getting a bit confusing.

I really hate giving too much of the story away just in case anyone hasn’t read it so I’m just gonna say that I liked it. Of course I like all of the Xanth novels so it’s hard for me to say anything else.

I don’t know what it is about these books but they are so easy and fun to read. During the time that I’m reading them, I feel like I’m in the story. Have you ever seen The Neverending Story? That’s the way it is except I’m not actually in the story lol. But I feel like I’m there watching instead of reading from my bedroom.

So that’s 8 Xanth novels down and 25 to go until they release the last 2 books then it will be 27 to go. My next book will be New Moon, the 2nd Twilight book. I bought it from the grocery store on December 3rd (impulse buy) and I still have yet to read it so it’s next on my list to read tomorrow.