Halloween Pumpkins 2011

We made our decision last night on which pumpkins I was going to carve today.  Wicked Witch of the West and Frankenstein.

I haven’t carved a pumpkin since 2007 and I’m glad I could finally add 2 more to my album.

By the way, I bought these 2 patterns at the Zombie Pumpkins website.

Halloween Pumpkins

I will not be carving pumpkins this year live on webcam due to lack of interest. And I won’t be carving a real pumpkin too. I have 2 tall and 1 small fake pumpkins from Michael’s that I’m gonna put regular faces on.  I don’t want to use a scene that I normally do because these pumpkins will last forever (in a landfill hehe).

Here are the patterns I’m thinking of doing.  I might change them who knows.  These are just the patterns so as soon as I carve them I will get pictures (of course) and then add the pictures to my Halloween page.