Hedwig’s Theme For Old Cell Phones

This is more of a note for me.  I recently bought a new Nokia 3390 (actually used) cell phone to replace my old cell phone and since my old one had this ringtone and the new one doesn’t I had to search for the ringtone for the composer.  This is the ringtone that I had to enter into the composer:

Harry Potter Hedwig’s Theme:

Tempo=125:8.c2, 16#d2, 8d2, 4c2, 8g2, 4.f2, 4.d2, 8.c2, 16#d2, 8d2, 4b1, 8#c2, 4g1, 4-, 8g1, 8.c2, 16#d2, 8d2, 4c2, 8g2, 4#a2, 8a2, 4#g2, 8e2, 8.#g2, 16g2, 4#f2, 8-, 8#d2, 4.c2, 4-, 8g1

Just in case I need to find that website again or if I want to use another ringtone here is the link:


Update: Ok this sucks major big time.  The website I got this from is gone.  But, for me it doesn’t matter because I’m probably going to be upgrading my cell phone soon anyway.  Most people don’t have these old cell phones anymore because they all have iPhones or blackberries or whatever the latest cellphone is.  So, it’s all good.  At least I was able to paste the song into here for future reference.

Countdown to Lego Batman

There are only 2 more days until Lego Batman is at Game Stop.  That’s Tuesday morning.  Hmm, since I’m blogging this at 9:30 at night, tomorrow is Monday and I will probably get the phone call at lunch time on Tuesday, that should mean there is only a day and half left.

I pre-ordered this in May so I’ve waited all summer for this so I guess you can say I’m pretty excited the day is finally coming.  I really love the Lego series of PSP games.  I have Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones so now I’m adding Lego Batman.  I really hope they don’t stop after this, that they give us more in the Lego series.

I’m hoping for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, Superman and or the Justice League.

Nintendo 64

I’ve been hinting around that I want a new game system preferably a handheld one. I would ideally like to get a Playstation portable (PSP) but those are so expensive right now. Or an x-box or something. Well, I have a N64 but I only have 1 game and its boring to just have 1 game so I went to eBay tonight looking at prices and found 2 N64 games really cheap and bought them along with a PC game for Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone which maybe I can install on the laptop and play that in the living room. Maybe some day I will have the money for a cool new gadget but until then I will start buying N64 games

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book)

I have finally finished the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows which is Rowling’s 7th and final book.  It is in my opinion most unfortunate that this will be her last Harry Potter book because I just love the story and it’s not too difficult to read.  Harry Potter is a children’s book but it has a strange adult following.  I think out of the 8.1 million books sold on Saturday the day it was sold about 90% of that are people ages 20 to 70.  It’s a story for all ages not just the kiddies.

I will not be giving you a spoiler warning because I am not spoiling anything for anybody.  I keep my promise J.K.  I loved this book.  I laughed, I cried, I was concerned for the 3 main characters on their quest.  I cried some more here and there.  Let’s just say, if you read this book invest your money in a box of tissues.  Or a roll of paper towels.  Or just get a beach towel, you never know.  Your sleeves are going to need to be put in the dryer if you have to resort to that.  Trust me.  I’m a guy and I cried like a baby.  And not all of that were sad tears either.  Ok, half and half.  I’m not kidding.  BUY IT!

Let me just end by pleading to J.K. Rowling…. “Please, don’t stop writing.  If it can’t be Harry Potter then something else, but don’t stop writing.”