O.J. Back In Court

O.J. Simpson and C.J. Stewart were back in court today in front of the same judge who sentenced them both to life in prison for attempted robbery.  They were both asking for a new trial because the foreman juror has been fired from multiple jobs for racial slurs.  So basically they are saying that they didn’t get a fair trial because of race.  They are always bringing the race card in.

The judge denied their motion for a new trial and said see you in December for sentencing.

The judge denied a few motions today actually.  The lawyers for O.J. brought him a suit to wear and the judge said no he can’t wear it, he has to wear what he came in which is his blue prison suit.  Then they asked if it was ok that he not be there because they didn’t want him to be on tv without a suit and she denied that.  This of course was at the very beginning.  After O.J.’s attorneys asked about the suit issue, C.J.’s attorneys asked about the suit for him and she denied that as well.