Learning German with Duolingo


I mentioned that I found my father’s family and I discovered I had a brother who happens to have been born in Germany, and he is currently living in Germany in the same city he was born. Luckily he speaks English, so there is no communication issue, but I am interested in learning German so if the day ever comes when I can visit him, I would like to know the language so I won’t be lost in translation if I decide I want to do some sight seeing when I visit. I also have an aunt and uncle who suddenly switch to German every now and then, and it does get frustrating when you’re the only person in a room full of people speaking German.

So I went to Google a little over a month ago to find a website or a program I could buy that would teach me German. I thought for sure I would find something that was overly expensive, but I was surprised to find Duolingo was free.

I’ve learned “Basics 1” which was pretty easy. “The” which I think I’ve finally really mastered. There are certain times that I’m still learning when to use certain “the” words, but I’m getting it. “Basics 2” was a little difficult, like there are some words like we are that translate to wir sind, you are which translates to ihr seid, they are which is sie sind. They also taught ich trinke, du trinkst, er/sie/es trinkt, wir trinken and ihr trinkt. These all mean like I am drinking, you are drinking, he/she/it is drinking, we are drinking and you are drinking. These are still a little confusing because there are 5 ways to say that someone is drinking lol. I have to keep in mind the different ways, which brings me to accusative case which teaches not just drinking, but eating bread and read a book or newspaper. This stuff is hard. Phrases added several new words which I finally learned, and learning words is easier than learning the many different ways to say a verb. Then I did Intro which teaches many different ways to say the word speak, understand, is called (meaning like He is called Karl) and someone is from somewhere.

Learning a new language is hard ya’ll! But I’m more than happy to learn a new language. I have a learning disability, so I have to do the practice lessons for several days after I master a section, because even though I have the golden icon, I still haven’t really mastered those sections. I also have to speak into the microphone in these lessons so they can tell if I’m saying the words or phrases correct. So not only do I have to learn how to spell German words, and learn the words and what they mean, but I also have to learn how to pronounce them correctly so I don’t sound like I’m saying the wrong word(s).

I could learn any language they have to offer, and a lot of people I’ve spoken with on the website are learning multiple languages at the same time. If you thought learning one language was difficult, try learning 5 or 10 lol. Yeah, I think I will stick to one language for now.

I Haven’t Blogged in Ages

I wrote a book and ever since I finished writing it, it seems like I have abandoned my blog.  Well, that just isn’t true.  I just haven’t had anything to blog about.

I would like to give an update on my progress though.  A long time friend of mine volunteered to edit my book but it was taking her way too long. She couldn’t really work on it due to the fact that she is running her own online business and doesn’t have time for my book.

Well, I can’t let my book collect dust while she is too busy with her own stuff so I told her that I would do it myself.  Of course I don’t know what the heck I’m doing so I can’t really do it myself.

I can’t afford to hire someone to do it so I thought I could just do an online course in English grammar but I have a learning disability and ADD.  I am not learning jack squat.

I found a software that I can use called Grammarly.  They charge $20 a month to use their software.  I signed up for their free 7 day trial but closed my account immediately because it wasn’t what I thought it would be.  I thought they were going to tell you what the issues were then you could click the correction.  Instead, they explain what the issue is and YOU have to figure it out.

The reason I closed my account so soon was because I knew I wouldn’t have any time to work own it this week so my free 7 day trial would have just gone to waste and I don’t have the money to pay them after the trial is up so I canceled.

I emailed them telling them what happened but they have a strict policy, you only get one 7-day free trial.  If you cancel then that’s on you.  Which I think is stupid, especially since they knew I canceled after 5 minutes.  They could manually delete my account information to give me the opportunity to try again but they chose not to do that.  I’m pretty sure I could try the trial again with a different email address though.  I won’t know for sure until I try, and you know that I will try lol.

So other than that I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings Online.  Not really much else to report…

Well, see ya when I have something else to blog about.

Indigo Adults – eBook

Where to start… I found out about a month or two ago from talking with a childhood friend of mine that I am an Indigo Adult.  He was telling me about how he is overly aware of things, you know like his soul, his mortality and just everything.  You know when someone tells you to stop and smell the roses every once in awhile?  Well, he smells the roses every second, not just once in awhile, all the time.  Well, I’m overly aware too.  I always have been.  He’s telling me all of these other things and I’m just sitting there thinking oh my god, me too.

Everything he is telling me is just ringing true with me and the more we talk, the more information and I just start feeling a little overwhelmed and need to take a step back.  I understand it all but my brain can only process so much information at one time, especially at the beginning.

So I found this eBook in the B&N Nook store called Indigo Adults for $9.99 but I couldn’t afford it right away, I finally bought it on January 20th but I didn’t actually start reading it until the 4th because it just so happened that my blog bought the farm right around the same time I bought this book.  I tried reading it but I couldn’t focus on it because I was too busy thinking about my corrupt blog database.

I started reading it on February 4th and I finally finished reading it today and my mind is completely blown away.  There were so many things in there that just had me thinking OMG ME TOO!  It talked about children with ADD and I was diagnosed with that in my 20’s but I was also diagnosed with a learning disability when I was a child in elementary school so I’m thinking that because they didn’t have ADD back then, I should’ve been diagnosed with that instead.  Although I guess it’s both but still, it helped me to learn something about myself in that respect.

I wanted to discuss some things that I highlighted but when I went to look for an example, all of my highlights were completely gone.  They disappeared from my Nook for some reason, that bugs me because I spent so much of my time highlighting instead of reading.  So I have nothing to offer as an example besides the ADD thing.  I guess the only thing there is left for me to do is read the book again.  I’m going to read it again anyway because I think that my mind was so blown away that I didn’t learn a few things so I want to go over it again.

Do this test, if you can relate to most or all of those then there is a good chance you are an Indigo Adult too.  I relate to everything in that bullet list.  Knowing that there is a name for it helps me in regard to helping me understand myself a lot more than I did before.  I would suggest that if you relate to those things in that list then this book will blow your friggin mind.

I am interested in hearing from some Indigo adults to compare notes with.  If you are an Indigo Adult, please, leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you.

No Ordinary Family

Tonight was the series premier of the new ABC show “No Ordinary Family.” I have been looking forward to it because as you know, it is supernatural in nature. It’s a live action “Incredibles” if you will.

Here is the synopsis that ABC Publicity wrote:

“The Powell family must learn to deal with the super powers each has mysteriously acquired after the crash of their plane in the Amazon River.

Jim discovers that he has the power of super strength and immediately feels a new sense of purpose and empowerment. With the aid of his best friend and confidant, George, he sets his sights on becoming a hero.

Stephanie struggles to balance her family life with working 80 hours a week as an award-winning scientist, and after developing the power of speed, she can now move effortlessly through her daily responsibilities. Always the scientist, Stephanie immediately questions the phenomenon and, with the aid of her lab tech,

Katie, the two begin to research the mystery behind the powers. For 16-year-old Daphne, she turns telepathic and hears other people’s hopes, dreams, fears and joys, whether she cares to or not.

And 14-year-old JJ struggles constantly to satisfy his parents and teachers as he grapples with a learning disability and bad grades. But he suddenly finds his mental abilities strengthened to a super genius level. Written by ABC Publicity

I couldn’t have summed it up any better.

Michael Chiklis was a super hero in Fantastic-4 so he already knows how it is being strong as his character was “The Thing.” The Thing had super-strength with a rock-like body which made him invulnerable. It’s very similar except in No Ordinary Family he retains his human form and has all 5 fingers on each hand. Unfortunately in this show he does show that he has an invulnerability. He got shot at near close range in the back of the neck. It didn’t go that deep into his skin but he could have been killed if it was at closer range I bet.

Julie Benz was the first face you saw in the very first episode and original unaired pilot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where she played a vampire who was the original love to Angelus. Ah, the glory days. I loved her as Darla. Because she played a vampire in Buffy and Angel, she already knows a thing or two about super speed considering vampires can move faster than any human can. Then again, in Buffy and Angel, they didn’t really showcase their speed as much. Her speed actually reminds me of Superman.

I don’t know any of the other actors in this new would be hit show but I do admire their abilities.

Katie can do what everyone wishes they could do, read minds. Although, it’s probably more a curse than a blessing because she will never be able to date a guy knowing that he might be thinking really nasty things about her but it could go to her advantage if she knew that she was about to drink a ruffietini. She may lose all of her friends because the thoughts they have in their heads about her may not be too friendly. The prospect of finding new friends might end up being difficult too. At least she won’t have to worry about being talked about behind her back because she can hear it from the horses brain.

JJ has an advantage that I wish I had when I was in school. He struggled with a learning disability which I also suffer from but he can finally conquer that because his new power is that of brain power. He’s a freakin’ genius now, and not in the sarcastic tone either. He can see the problems being worked out right in front of his eyes. Now that is an ability that can be a huge gift. Although, it looks like cheating to me lol.

Of course you can’t have super powers and have all the advantage, there has to be an yin to their yang. It’s just like in the show Charmed, you can’t have good witches without demons to fight. It’s also why there is a “God” and “Devil”. There can’t be a good without an evil.

This show also reminds me of X-Men and Heroes since everyone seems to have a different power.

No Ordinary Family airs on Tuesday nights at 8pm on ABC. If you miss it then catch it on the ABC website on demand.

Nook Study

A friend called me asking about how my Nook works because her son is doing an online college course and is required to buy textbooks but wanted to find out if there were a cheaper alternative. He only gets so much with his grant that he can only afford to pay so much for a textbook.

He had hoped that if he bought a Barnes & Noble Nook that his eTextbooks would be cheaper but I did some research for him while on the phone and found that they do sell textbooks new or used or you can rent them but in actual book format. Not e-book format for the Nook.

Although, they do have a new thing called Nook Study that is a program for your PC or Mac that you download/install and you can buy eTextbooks for 50% less than the actual textbook.

I was looking at the features that they offer such as being able to highlight in many different colors, leaving an asterisk and typing notes as well as bookmarking. Very similar to the actual Nook (although the Nook doesn’t have a color highlight choice or asterisk’s). Many other features like highlighting a word to look it up on Wikipedia, Google, dictionary etc. Printing pages, copying text to your homework, importing notes and many others.

I told him that if he wanted to buy a Nook for reading books that’s fine but don’t waste your money if your purpose is for textbooks because it doesn’t work. With his grant he was able to buy a laptop for taking tests on their website and whatever else they require of him to do there so he can just use that laptop to install Nook Study.

I wish that they had all this technology when I was a kid. It would’ve been a heck of a lot easier for me, who am I kidding, I probably still would’ve ended up the same because of my dyslexia, A.D.D. and learning disability. But who knows, maybe it might have been different. I guess I will never know. Maybe in the next life…