Spoke Magnet

When I came home from the E.R. today I noticed that the magnet on my front wheel spoke was gone (magnet for the cyclo-computer) and so I went to eBay to see if they had any and they had 1 for $2 plus $1.51 shipping.  Even though my bank account is running low, I have about $30 left, I took the liberty of making a $5 bid.  If I can avoid having to buy a whole new computer just for a magnet then I will.

There were other magnets on eBay for $7 – $9 but with shipping costs that would make them come out to be about $12 or $13.  The computer itself at Target is only $15.  I’m not paying close to the same price for a new computer just for a magnet.

If I lose the bid on this then I’m just gonna keep checking eBay to see if someone else has it cheap.  If not then when I go to target for the gloves I might as well just buy a new computer.

Holy Cow!

The Holy Cow! Milk delivery service came just before 7:30am with my groceries all bagged up and ready for me.  I wasn’t quite expecting a regular car but more a truck advertising their business but what can you do?  I think they should have those magnets that you stick to the side of your car that has the Holy Cow name on it with the phone number and website address so people know.  They also now have that window lettering, you know like you see the stick figures on the back of the mini van or SUV’s, they can put that on their cars that they deliver with.

When Ron pulled up to my house he opened his trunk and pulled out a milk crate with the bags of groceries in it.  Of course I didn’t walk over to the car to see what else he had in there but it didn’t look full of milk crates.  They need some major advertising ya know?

I’m very happy with my order but I think from now I will be placing an email order or phone call order then give the delivery guy a check.  Not that I don’t trust them because of that one comment but because I just don’t trust anyone lol.  What can I say, I’ve been screwed my entire life.