17 Miles

Today I did the same route but only did 17 miles.  The reason why is because yesterday before I went on my bike ride I rode the bike to the post office then back.  It’s just 3 blocks from my house and I wanted to count that time that I rode because I’m greedy lol.  Anyway, here are my stats for today.

Distance 17.527, max speed 27.3, average speed 11.1, time 1:34:32, calories 813.7, fat calories 85.2.

Since this is going to be my route from now on this is going to be the last time I put my stats.  That is unless I decided to go further.  I’d like to just keep this as my current route just so I can lose enough weight so I’m lighter on the bike and I will go faster.  Once I’m faster then I can go further.

18 Miles

Today I have broken my record of 11 miles by going 18 miles.  Here are the numbers from the computer:

18.290 miles, max speed 26.8, average speed 10.7, time 1:42:33, calories 835.7, fat calories 81.2.

My max speed could go up but as I’ve said before, the weight is what is slowing me down.  I’m 236lbs and that’s a lot for the bike to carry.  As it is even with 20.7 pressure in my tires which is what it’s supposed to have (Edit: WRONG!  It’s supposed to be 60 I believe) , they look like they are going flat when I am sitting on the bike.  That’s definitely heavy lol.  And I feel that my weight is what is holding me back from going faster.  But as the weight goes down my speed will go up.  I have faith that it will.  When the speed goes up then I will be able to go longer distance.  For now the 18 miles that I rode today will be my bike route.  I won’t go further than that.

11 Miles

Wow I thought 9 miles yesterday was awesome but today I surpassed that by going 11 miles.  I was riding for 62 minutes total.  That’s awesome.

My legs aren’t getting as tired as fast as they usually are.  I mean there were some points where I had to stop because I was going slower and so I knew if I stopped, got off the bike and drank some water and gave my legs a rest for a minute or 2 that I would recharge and it worked.  I’d get back on the bike and go 12-14 mph again.

I don’t know where I was this time.  I will have to look it up on google map.  I saw a bunch of mobile homes.  There was a stop light ahead.  I just looked at the google map website and it was Manor st. where I stopped and started going back.

Anyway, here are the stats from the computer.  11.231 miles, 29.7 max speed, 10.9 average speed, time 1:01:54, 536.2 calories and 53.5 fat calories.

Tomorrow is my official weigh in day and I will update the image on the Spark page but I weighed myself and I was 236lbs.  I was 244lbs.  But it isn’t official until I weigh in tomorrow after my bike ride.