Minecraft PlayStation 4 Maps

maps small

I got my PlayStation 4 in December, the week before Christmas. Why a week before? We like to exchange gifts earlier than most “normal” people because, well, that’s just how we roll lol. Actually, my partner decided on a whim that he would take me to go buy it and he didn’t know what I wanted, so he told me he was getting it. After a few “Oh no we can’t afford it” he said shut up, you’re getting it lol.

Ok, so back to the subject at hand. I got Minecraft and played for maybe a few weeks on this little beach. I didn’t know I could even play the game in peaceful mode, and I died so many times trying to escape the skeletons with their damn bows and arrows. I even got blown up by creepers every now and then. I worked so hard to build the house that I built with what little experience I had with the game, and I think I did pretty good. I felt like exploring, so I would leave my home with my bed and I would sleep when the sun went down. I would explore, return home, explore, return home etc. You get the idea. I saw something so neat that I had to explore it, and I went a bit too far and got turned around and couldn’t find home. I wandered around in a complete panic for literally a couple of hours trying to find it, but never found it, so I decided to find a new spot that I liked and built a new home.

Over the last couple of months I went exploring knowing I could find my way back home with maps, but I never did find my home. I’ve even gone as far as going into creative mode to fly around looking for my original home, but that didn’t work. Finally tonight I thought, let’s try it again, so I did, and I finally found it. Check out the picture below which is a close up of the giant map at the top. The star on the top is where I live now, and the bottom star is where my original home. It’s funny because they are so close to each other too. That white part at the bottom is where I got turned around. It was the first snow I saw and it really messed me up lol.


So now that I have finally found my original home, I can relax. I mean, I was relaxed before. I honestly don’t care about the house or any of the crap in the chests and in the house, it’s just the idea that I lost something that I worked so hard to build that I couldn’t find, and it bothered me to no end. I have it back now and I can use it to my advantage. I don’t know how, but I will think of something lol. For one there is a NPC village near that house in the sandy area at the bottom left of the map. That’s actually where I saw the giant carved out mountain on the bottom of the map which lead me to the snow that got me lost.

Speaking of NPC village… during my mapping, I found many NPC villages and pyramids. I have not yet marked them on the maps, but perhaps I shall go back into creative mode so I can fly to those locations and then add some icons to the map lol. I still have the bottom 2 rows to map out, so perhaps I will do that in time.

Anyway, so I am overly excited and thanks for reading.

450px-KelethinUpdate: I actually think I have an idea for how I will “take advantage” of the situation of the old house. I used to play a PC game called EverQuest, and that game had a forest called Kelethin in the Greater Faydark. Kelethin is a city in the trees, and that old house has a jungle, so perhaps I will start building platforms in the trees that already stand, and add houses to them. Not that it will make any difference to anyone since I’m the only one playing, but it would be nice to remake something to remind me of the good old days in EverQuest.

Minecraft Farm


I just love building in Minecraft because it sort of reminds me of putting together Lego pieces, like when I was a little boy. Although, I don’t have all of the pieces at my disposal, so I have to go mine for them. Like I have to chop down literally hundreds of trees, and dig for sand and gravel and I even had to bring down a mountain to give me the space to build a farm.

reworked_farm_1_by_coltcoyote-d68plaoOf course, this farm is not my design, I found it on Google images. I have found many houses, but this was an actual farm which allows me to grow many things, like wheat, potato, carrot, watermelon and pumpkin in their own plots. It also has a chicken coop, a livestock barn and 2 storage silos. The silos and the livestock barn took me longer to make because they are both made out of sheep wool, which I had to go to extra trouble to get since the dogs kept murdering the sheep that came near them. They drop 1 wool when killed, but when I use my shears, I may get 1 to 3 wool, that is if I can find any lol.

Besides leveling a mountain, this was a pretty fun project. I love the house, it is much bigger than the one I built for myself, which I surrounded with castle walls and 4 round towers on all 4 corners. I’m considering dismantling that now that I have this farm so I can replace it with a fun rollercoaster, that is if I can find an easy design.

One good thing about this farm is it is right next to where my current mine is, and I found another one when I leveled the mountain. It has an opening behind the house where the livestock barn is, so I’ll have to check that out soon.

Tomorrow is another day, and I look forward to what it will bring me.

Here is the chicken coop and a some of the crops.

farm back

Update: I removed the original picture at the top and replaced it with the picture of the finished farm. The silos are supposed to have black roofs, but I got tired of waiting for the black sheep to produce, so I decided to use blue since I had a cache of it. I’ve filled one silo with chests on every floor and have already filled the cobblestone and dirt ones to the max. Since I have so many of each material, I decided to dedicate a floor to a particular item. In the first silo, the top floor is all cobblestone, next one down is dirt, then wood, then sand/glass and then wool on the very bottom floor. I was considering using the 2nd silo for food from the crops, but I honestly don’t eat the food since I’m always in peaceful mode, so I don’t really have a need for that, but perhaps I may decide to use that silo for food and fill each floor with a specific item, like pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns, watermelon, carrots, potatoes and wheat. That just leaves meat from cows and chickens, but I have that in the kitchen, and there isn’t that much of it since I don’t kill the animals unless I absolutely have to, like for books (cow hide) or arrows (chicken feathers).

I’ve already moved on to building a fishing boat which will have its own chests for storing fish. Again, I don’t eat the food, but I may decide to do it for the future when I decide to start fighting scary mobs for the purposes of getting to the end, which I am not counting my chickens before they hatch, because I’m having way too much fun building.

Minecraft Blueprints

Minecraft land map with castle

When most people (I assume) plan out their castle, or house, or whatever it is they want to build, they just go into Minecraft under creative mode so they have a complete inventory of materials that they don’t have to mine for days or months to get. I would go there, but I’d rather have the option of getting all of the trophies.

I have been researching a way of downloading a program that will allow me to create a Minecraft building with a full list of materials on the computer, so it gives me a blueprint. It doesn’t have to be a 3D blueprint, I just don’t want to have to keep building, then have to go run back to the mine for materials, then build more, then mine and also go through so many pickaxes if I decide to go a different way. It takes more time to dismantle your structure than it does to build it.

I did find a website that allowed me to do just what I was looking for. I found it on a message board, and the actual website is www.minedraft.net. Unfortunately, it became a huge time suck for me because the website would freeze up on me. I don’t know if it was the website itself, my computer or my processor, but it didn’t allow me to get very far. I also tried it on my Nook, which was awesome because I could tap on the material, then tap on the screen and it went a little faster. Unfortunately, that became slow over time, so I didn’t get very far there either.

One of the comments on that message board was that you could do the very same thing with Microsoft Paint. All you have to do is make a grid and snap to grid. I assume they were using Windows XP and that it was an old comment because I went to MS Paint and it didn’t offer a grid, so the next best thing for me was Gimp.

I opened Gimp and clicked view and show grid and snap to grid. I zoomed in to 800% and the grid squares weren’t too big. I downloaded some icons of the materials, like the dirt, grass, water, sand, wood planks and cobblestone, and made them into brushes, which helped a lot. The icons don’t look exactly like they should because instead of using 100% of the icon, I had to drop it down to 10%, but I honestly don’t have to see them as perfect as they are in Minecraft, it’s just a general idea of how to build my castle.

Minecraft land mapMinecraft land map castle

With Gimp you can create layers, so first I laid out the land that I am building on, then I created a 2nd layer for the castle, this way if I make a mistake, I don’t have to worry about losing the land, just the castle parts. As you can see they are separate.


I have built the walls that I made in Gimp, but it is far from finished because guess what? I have to mine and mine and mine to get all that cobblestone to build the walls up. I’m actually building the walls around my existing home, which is like a tiny 2 story cobblestone castle like structure. There is my beacon behind the house. When the walls have been built up, then I can work on getting the inside of the castle built, which will take a lot of time and patience and creativity. I built the catwalk along the top of the wall. That is where I will finish that wall, but the 4 towers are going to go up twice as much to provide me with 4 beacons rather than 1. You can see a beacon way behind my house, and there are several beacons to let me know where to find home, but when I see 4 beacons, then I will know for sure that this is home.

minecraft icons

Here are the icons that I found online that I turned into gimp brushes with the .gbr file extension. So far I’ve only had to use the sand, grass, water and cobblestone, and only because that’s really all I needed for this project. I have the rest just in case I might need to use them in the future. I may not, but never say never.

So I figured if anyone in the future was looking for a way to make a blueprint, this should give them an easy idea of how they can make it.

Minecraft Beacons and Railroads

I have had a very busy couple of days since I had a Minecraft CE-34878-0 error. I had lost 10 whole days of mining and building underground tunnels for my railroad. Since I uploaded the back up file from my 4gb USB drive, I’ve noticed some things I hadn’t noticed before, even after the recent update, and that is the horses and a few bad guys like witches, bats and these blue or green blobs bouncing around. I didn’t have those before.

So I now have 5 or 6 beacons built that will help me find my way back to my home if I ever get lost. One thing I am thinking of doing is adding an above ground railroad encased in glass. Before I had an above ground railroad that I hated using because the animals would stand on it. It’s easier to travel when there aren’t any animals stopping me and preventing me from getting to my destination. I put the railroad in below ground, but the only problem with that was the constant digging. I enjoyed the under water tunnels encased in glass, but I think I might want to try something different since I have to start all over again.

Today I found out that right under my house there is a massive mine. Who knew that all that time I had all that coal and iron? I haven’t found anything else, but those are still 2 good things to have. I use the iron for my armor and for the railroad. I have already started rebuilding the underground railroad from the first mine I was in all the way to under my house, so I will keep going through the mine under my house which exits in the water in front of my house. That’s actually how I found it, I nearly drowned and discovered it wasn’t completely wet under there. So I will bring the tunnel out of the water and make it go up, up, up in the sky to a beacon I built across the water from my house where there are more tunnels. I’ll have to make more railroad going over to another beacon which is where I had ended my underground railroad tunnel before.

If the beacons aren’t easy to help me find my way home, then the over ground glass railroad will guide me to the beacons which I can just climb to get on the railroad and ride the train back home.

I mentioned that I finally see horses, well I don’t know if this is a major bug or not, but it bugs the hell out of me. I found a horse, tamed it, put a saddle on him and rode him home where I built a pen for him to prevent him from escaping. Well, I felt sorry for him (I know, it’s not real lol) so I didn’t keep him there against his will. I went into the house to make a leash and when I came back he was gone. It took me a very long time to find another one and it was very difficult to tame him but once I did I felt like I found a good horse. I leashed him to the post and all was good. I brought him in the house when the bad guys came out because I was afraid he would either get blown up or spooked. When the sun was out I took him over to where the cactus are and put a fence in the ground, it was more of a pole because I only used 1 fence. I leashed him to the fence pole and went cutting down cacti and when I returned to the pole, the horse was gone. The leash was attached to the pole, and that was the last straw for me. I found 3 saddles and 2 are gone, so I have 1 more saddle and 1 more chance, which I am not going to take until I can build a barn, but even then I’m not so sure he will stay with me.

I know, I’m still a newbie and have quite a lot to learn still. I will figure it all out in time.

Minecraft CE-34878-0 Error

Well, call me disappointed tonight. I have spent a lot of time digging tunnels, and making and placing glass around my tunnels under water and mining and this and that and the other, and now all of that is gone because of an error on my brand new PlayStation 4.

I was so proud of myself for making all this progress and it is all gone, well, mostly anyway because thankfully I had made a back up on my 4GB USB memory stick on January 29. Unfortunately that was 10 days ago, and a lot happened in 10 days. So all of that work is gone and I am back to where I used to be. My other file is still there, I just cannot access it because it crashes as soon as it loads.

This sucks, but on the other hand all of my trophies are still there, so at least I don’t have to go through all that work just to get the trophies again. This does give me the opportunity to do things again, but since I know where everything is, I can get what I had a lot faster.

When I make my railroad going back to the mines I went to before, I can now make them go up or down, I can make them any way I want. The tunnels in my first mine had wood platforms with tracks laid out, but they were scattered and it didn’t seem like they had a plan for them, but now I can probably connect them since I know how to lay the tracks up and down. I think it will make things a lot easier to avoid getting lost in the mines… hopefully.

One other thing I would like to do is to find some good plans for cool Minecraft houses so I can make a better looking house. Mine is okay, but I know it could be a lot better if I tried. I would also love to move it over the water so I can make a glass house on the bottom floor with a bottomless floor for fishing lol. I think that would be really neat. I could also have a dock for my boat and of course I would have my railroad tunnel going from land to the house so I don’t have to worry about how I’m getting back to land. I think that would be cool.

So I don’t see this as a bad thing necessarily, I see it as a way of doing things differently and more efficiently.

By the way, here is that video that I made of my tunnels. I was so proud of all the work I had accomplished, and I have the pain in my right arm and shoulder to prove it.

Minecraft Handbooks


It is one thing to be a nerd and play a video game and enjoy it, but when you go out of your way to spend money on actual hard cover books, you know you are addicted and a hard core gamer.

I’ve only been playing Minecraft on my PlayStation 4 since the week before Christmas and I think I’ve made some headway, but there are still a few things I think I need to know before I continue. I can look them up on the Minecraft Wiki page or just Google whatever I am looking for, but somehow I think reading these official handbooks might help give me a better understanding of the game I am playing. Or it could be that they are only like 60 to 80 pages each and won’t help me at all. It’s okay because they were only $5 each.

lego marvels super heroesWhile I was on Amazon today I decided to buy another game. I absolutely love the Lego games. I have all of the PSP Lego games, and now that I have a PS4 I would love to own all of the PS4 Lego games. I already have Lego The Hobbit that I bought as a digital download, but I bought Lego Marvel Super Heroes on disc because it was cheaper to buy the disc than the download. It’s $40 on the PlayStation store and I only paid $23.89. Last week it was on sale on the PlayStation store for only $25, but I didn’t have the money for it. I could have used my credit card, but I would much rather have the disc to run the game because it installs less on the PS4 hard drive. It’s a matter of between 500mb from the disc or 3GB as a download. The more games I download, the less games I can buy, so I would just rather buy the discs if I can.

I would love to buy the Lego Movie Videogame and Lego Batman, but I can buy those in the future when I am ready for a new game. I haven’t even made a dent in Lego The Hobbit, so I don’t want to overwhelm myself with all these games lol.

I am having fun with my PlayStation 4, but my right forearm is in a lot of pain from using the R3 stick with my thumb and pressing the buttons. My left arm isn’t having any issues for some reason, but perhaps it’s because I’m not doing as much work with my left thumb lol. Who knew that something as simple as pushing buttons with my thumb would cause so much pain. I need to limit myself to only an hour or 2 a day rather than 4 to 8 lol. Perhaps that’s the problem. But I’m just having fun since it’s a new thing. I’m sure the novelty will wear off and I won’t play the game as often. Maybe when my shows come back on I will pay more attention to watching TV.

Minecraft Maps

Minecraft maps

Last night I was searching the web for ways of getting the map to my world, but of course I couldn’t find any help since Minecraft for Playstation 4 seems to be a new thing. I figured the best way I am going to do this is to just do it, like make a map, then just go travel the world and keep an eye on where I am on the map so I can find my way back home.

When you first start playing Minecraft, you get a map in your inventory automatically. Unfortunately for me that disappeared the first time I died and couldn’t find my body to retrieve my inventory. One doesn’t appreciate something as simple as a map when one gets lost and has no way to find their home.

The only way I am able to even do this is to have my game in peaceful mode. If I had zombies and skeletons trying to kill me left and right, I wouldn’t have a chance in hell. I find it easier to build my life (house, armor and weapons) first, then bring in the bad guys to give me some fun. I don’t even think I can mine as long as there are bad guys trying to eat me at every turn. I’d get so lost in the tunnels trying to get away from them that I would never find my way out. It’s bad enough that sometimes I get lost down there, I can’t imagine there being some other threat. So as long as I am in peaceful mode, hopefully I will be able to map out the world and eventually find all of my old belongings.

The map on the far right was the first map that I made, then as the arrow on the map turned into a circle, I brought out my crafting table to make another map, which is the middle map. I went all the way across to the left of the map, then up, then when I was at the top and was already in another map zone, I decided to make another map, but didn’t go far because I didn’t want to really get lost lol. I finished the map in the middle and then went back to my home.

I find it nice if the maps are hanging on the wall. They are easier to find when they are hanging on a wall than if I put them in a chest and don’t really know which map is which. When I take them out to go exploring, I put them in my inventory in the order they are on the wall, that way I know where I am going.

There are 3 maps so far, but how many are there going to be going east to west? I’m only working on the west and east for now, but eventually I will have to work my way south and then north. I wonder how exhausting it’s going to be to constantly be running around the planet trying to locate my lost home lol. Is it even worth it? My old belongings have long been upgraded, so it’s really not even worth the hassle, but it would bring closure. It would also be nice to have the maps so that if I ever decided I wanted to visit a certain place, or explore, then at least I’d have maps to help me return home.

Yeah, that’s what I will do. Just forget about my old home because my new home is so much better and everything I have is better. Sometimes it’s just a good idea to leave the old stuff from the past and just focus on what I have now and look forward to how much more awesome it will be in the future.