Nook Color with Touch Screen

I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die right now.  I just got an email from Barnes & Noble with this subject:

“Introducing NOOKcolor — The Amazing Sequel to the NOOK You Love.”

Oh really?  Are you joking me?  If they could’ve told me this in September BEFORE I spent $150 on the Nook Wifi, I would’ve had an incentive to wait a little bit longer.  This new NOOKcolor is $249 and has many more features than my current Nook doesn’t have.  Such as it’s a color touch screen, you can see magazines and newspaper in color, kids books come alive at the touch of a finger (like I care) and one thing I saw in the video when I clicked the link in the email is that you can have it read to you and it’s NOT a robot voice like the Kindle.

This one is way better than mine because it can do portrait and landscape which the Kindle can do but the Nook I have can’t.  It has an 8GB card along with the ability to add another.  Mine only has 1GB but I can still add to it.  Although, I don’t see that I would ever need to but with the NOOKcolor I can see needing a bigger card because I’m sure the books with audio are bigger files.

Another cool feature is videos in your books…  In the video they showed a cookbook and you can read the recipe but then the image for it is a video where you can see how to make the recipe.  That would be so cool.  What would be even cooler is newspapers where the image for the article is an actual video of what happened.  The newspaper could set up a news station type set with anchors who read the articles with video of what happened at the scene, just like the news on tv has.  Or a magazine could have a video of the interview with the stars and their ads could be a video commercial.

I see in the Barnes & Noble website a new newsstand which is “coming soon” so I think they are going to add more magazines finally.  Right now they only have a few.  I subscribe to PC Magazine for $1.49 per month (or per magazine) but I was hoping they would have a broader choice.  With the NOOKcolor they might have more magazines and I think that would be great for Darrin who loves to get the magazines from the grocery store.  I think if he had a subscription to them then he would save so much money.  But that means he has to get the new NOOKcolor, or he can use Nook for PC.

Well, it’s obvious that I can’t afford to buy it, I can barely buy groceries right now but who knows, maybe by this time next year they will have a NOOKcolor 2 for $149 that I can save up for.  Hey it could happen.  Last year the Nook was $249 and then it came down to $149 this year and that’s the one I have.  So maybe I’ll bide my time for another year and save money so I can get the NOOKcolor for Darrin for his birthday, that is if they go down.

I don’t have to have color, I really like my Nook.  I think that the new NOOKcolor is an LCD screen, it looks lit up like the little LCD screen at the bottom of mine.  I don’t think I can read from an LCD screen.  It’s too much for my eyes.  Darrin would like that I think, last night he went to read a book on my Nook and he asked me when the screen was going to light up for him to read it.  I had to tell him that it doesn’t light up, it’s e-ink, not LCD.

Kindle Pays For Itself

I was looking at the Amazon website again (yeah yeah yeah) and I was looking at the reviews for the newspapers just to see if it was worth it.  I saw that for Time magazine people were saying they were disappointed because there were no pictures, just articles.  Well, you need pictures with articles, especially in time magazine.

So I went to the New York Times newspaper and scrolled down to the reviews and the 2nd review from the top this guy said that he was paying $35 a month for his paper but now he pays $14 a month.  So basically the Kindle pays for itself from what amount this guy is saving from getting the digital version of his newspaper.

This person pays $420 a year for his new york times newspaper. He now pays $14 a month instead of $35 so now he pays $168 per year which means he is now saving $252 a year on the newspaper. The kindle doesn’t exactly pay for itself in a year but maybe a year and half.  That’ll work.

I don’t know how much our newspaper is because I don’t pay for it, Darrin pays for it because he is who reads it.  I don’t even read the newspaper.  I asked him how much he pays and he couldn’t recall.  I said is it like $15 a month?  $20 a month?  He said yeah I guess.  Currently our local newspaper is not available for the Kindle but it is available at for $10 a month but you have to view that on a PC or a laptop via browser or you can download it and view it through software called iBrowse.  You can also print pages.  If it were available via Kindle then that might be incentive enough for me to buy one so he can read the newspaper but unfortunately it’s not so, oh well.

But it is good to know that the Kindle pays for itself with certain newspapers and magazines.