UNIFUN® 10400mAh USB External Travel Battery

20150811_100328The last couple of months have been very difficult. I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals with a dead phone. My phone keeps a charge for several hours when I’m at home on the Wi-Fi, but as soon as it switches over to 3G/4G, the battery drains fast. I bring my charger with me, but I may not be lucky enough to get a seat next to a outlet to plug it in, so I have to just deal with my phone dying.

I saw a battery at a store 6 months or so ago, but it was too expensive and I didn’t really need it then. I started to regret not buying it when I actually needed it. I recently went on Amazon to look for a battery and discovered there are many different kinds. I’m actually glad I didn’t buy that one all those months ago, because it may not have been as awesome as the one I found.

I discovered there are many batteries with different capacities. There are 3200mAh up to 20000mAh and I’m sure higher. I chose the UNIFUN® 10400mAh USB External Travel Battery based on the price, the fact that it has a light and that it’s waterproof. I’m really clumsy. I also chose it based on some of the reviews. One reviewer said they were able to charge their phone 3 times with this battery. I too have charged my phone 3 times on 1 single charge, and there was still some power left in the travel battery charger. Our power went out and I had to grab this battery for its light, and boy did it perform better than I expected it to, and it charged my phone while I was using the flashlight.

There are many purchases that I have regretted because I didn’t do research and/or didn’t read the reviews, and I do not regret this purchase at all. It was only $20 with free shipping since my cart was over $35. I think if you need something like this to charge not just one, but 2 devices, and have a light and have it be waterproof, well, this is the portable battery for you.