Lego Batman

Lego Batman finally came to Game Stop yesterday and was sold today.  I pre-ordered it on May 1st this year and it was supposed to be available on September 2nd but they pushed it back to September 23rd for some reason.  That’s ok. it’s cool.  I got it now.  Although it was kinda depressing that I got it on Chips birthday because I feel that I got a present on his birthday.  Not fair right?  He should be getting the present not me.

Oh well, if you read my previous post he will be getting another present soon.

Hometown Buffet

We love going to HomeTown Buffet and since it’s almost Chips birthday (September 23rd) I want to take him there for dinner.  I just signed up for their e-club so we both can get coupons for free meals lol.

When it’s your birthday they send you a coupon for a free meal so we’re going to take advantage of that.  Since I can’t afford to buy him a gift I’m giving him the gift of free food lol.  I’m not cheap, I just don’t have the money.  Besides I gave him an early birthday present already.  I wanted to save it for his birthday but I was too excited to give it to him lol.