Destiny for PS4


Video games have changed so much since I started playing way back in 1982. Destiny was the choice that I made when I got my PlayStation 4 for Christmas. I had 1 choice of 4 and I chose this one. I regretted that decision because I absolutely hate shooter games. I really wanted Little Big Planet 3, but I have Little Big Planet on my PSP and I was afraid it would just be the same old stuff, but on a larger screen and with a 3 at the end. I was mainly afraid I would get bored with it and never play it again, much like the PSP version.

The first time I played Destiny, it was a bit overwhelming because all of a sudden I’m having to learn how to kill aliens who are trying to kill me with guns. I have some of the Star Wars games that are similar, but not really like Destiny. I was walking around going in the direction I was told to according to the circle in the top left of the screen and shooting anything that was in range. I would hit L2 to aim and R2 to shoot and R1 to use some kind of magic power to push them away from me, which sometimes kills them. After dying several times I gave up and turned the game off and I just decided to play Minecraft instead.

I always give things a second chance. I decided to give Destiny another chance, mainly because I can’t sulk forever that I made the wrong decision when choosing which game I wanted with my PS4. The decision was made and I can’t go back, so suck it up buttercup and play the damn game! So that’s what I did. I had to start all the way over from the very beginning and I actually finished the level and left on a space ship and I was laughing because I couldn’t believe I actually lived through all of that mess. Finally it put me in a social base where I can relax, buy things, and use a vault to store things and not worry about getting killed.

I did my 2nd mission and could not believe I made it out alive. I was supposed to enter a certain section, and it told me that if I died, I would have to start over. I don’t know if it meant all the way at the beginning, or back to the social base. Either way, I had like an army trying to kill me, and I was alone and had to keep changing the clip on my gun. I had shelter where I would be safe, but occasionally they would run in front of me trying to murder me, and I would use the force field to push them away, which sometimes killed them. Other times I used a grenade that I had earned and that would damage and kill some of them. I was in so much shock when I finished that quest with my life and was able to continue to the base.

So my character is level 3 and all I have to do is keep going back to Russia to do whatever quest is next so can I can earn whatever it is they give you. It’s basically the same thing, different day, right? But, at least I don’t hate it and I haven’t gotten bored… yet… I’m even  considering buying the $20 expansion pack, but I’ll wait for a PSN sale.

So I’m no longer mad at myself for choosing the wrong game. I would eventually like to get Little Big Planet 3, but at $60 it ain’t happenin’. Sorry, no can do at that price. I’ll just keep downloading the free games from my PSN membership and buy games that I can afford because PSN gives them a HUGE discount. I saved big bucks on the Walking Dead games. They are normally $25 each, but they were on flash sale this week for $6.25 each. I haven’t had a lot of luck with the first game, but I’ll figure it out. It’s off my list, and that’s all that I wanted. I’m just hoping more games on my list are either free or have a huge discount.

So… back to gaming!

Westboro is Planning to Protest a 9 Year Old Girls Funeral?

Click the image for the full article on the Washington Post website.

I just wanted you to see this screen shot to make sure you know I am not making this stuff up. Arizona had an emergency meeting so they could pass a bill to prevent hate groups like the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting the funeral of a little 9-year-old girl who was recently murdered by nut job Jared Loughner.

This new ban will make it a misdemeanor for the Westboro church to protest a 9-year-old CHILD’s funeral 1 hour before and 1 hour after the service takes place. If they protest during and make it difficult for the family then they might go to jail and pay a fine. Hopefully!

It was reported on Gretta today on Fox News that there are thousands of people who are planning to attend the funeral but only as a buffer, to stand in these nut jobs way so they can’t do any damage.

Look, I don’t understand why these hate mongers want to protest this little innocent girls funeral. What did she do to the Westboro Baptist church? Nothing, not a gosh darn thing! The ticker on the bottom of the screen on Gretta said that the church said “Thank god for the shooter” which was a quote from the church. That is such a terrorist thing to say. Who says that about a 9-year-old child?

The only reason they were protesting the vets funerals as they got buried when they came home from Afghanistan is because they serve under a government who allows gay people in the military.  That is before and after the Don’t ask don’t tell repeal.  I definitely think that is wrong because what business is it of theirs who serves in the military?  What business is it of theirs if gay people want to die for their country?  And the vets funerals they protest have all been straight men and women who have children.  They aren’t gay so why should their family be humiliated and shamed at their own son or daughters funeral?

So what does this little girl have anything to do with anything? First of all she’s not gay and even if she were she’s NINE YEARS OLD! Second of all what the hell does she have to do with the government? She is NINE! She doesn’t pay taxes, she just exists. I don’t get why they have to butt their stinky noses where it doesn’t belong in this case.

The Westboro Baptist church members must not have a soul because no human being with a soul would protest a little 9-year-old girls funeral period, end of discussion. She has nothing to do with their moronic cause so they need to back off. Only a soulless ghoul would think about hurting the family who just lost their precious little daughters life. I can’t think of anyone who has an ounce of compassion doing this to a little child and her family.

The Westboro Baptist church say they are doing “God’s” work but I have a feeling that’s just their cover. They aren’t working for God, they are working for Satan because God wouldn’t allow them to do such a thing. Only Satan would commission this bad behavior. The God that I know doesn’t hate little girls who were murdered enough to send these idiots to protest her funeral, no, only a ghoul or a monster would do that.

They must be a cult because no Baptist church that I have ever been to or Baptist member that I have ever known has ever been this cowardice of a person to even think that this is a good thing to do.

The Westboro Baptist church has gone too far with this one and they need to have their church tax exempt status taken away because clearly they have too much money to be able to spend traveling the country to go to funerals to protest. That money should be going towards helping people, not hurting people.  So clearly they are backwards.

Someone needs to take a closer look into this group and do something about them because this clearly is not a healthy way for a church to behave.

I have a soul, my soul gives me emotions, enough emotions to feel sad for this little girl and her family, yes enough emotion to cry for her.  I never knew her or her family but I am crying because it is so sad how she died.  This church has no emotion, it’s obvious that only a monster would have the opposite reaction by protesting with hate and bigotry rather than feeling sad for this little girl and her family.

I believe in Karma and I believe that whatever you do to someone will come back to you 10 fold, in their case 100 fold. So keep going Westboro, keep ruining your karma and see how that goes for you in eternity.