The Cape Series Finale

Eric Balfour tweeted something yesterday about how he was pissed that people were saying that Summer Glau is a show killer because The Cape is ending their season. So this is the first time I’m hearing that the show is over and what made me mad was that they didn’t even tell us that on NBC the last time it aired.

I get on Twitter this morning and scroll down in my Celebrities list to see what I missed and see a tweet from NBCTheCape:

@NBCTheCape: The Cape’s finale will be up TONIGHT (3/11) at MIDNIGHT on! @TVGuide has a preview (WARNING: some spoilers)

So I guess it is official, not only is The Cape ending but they have the series finale ready for us to watch. Wait, what? Midnight? On What? You mean I gotta go to The Cape page on the NBC website to watch the series finale? At midnight? What? Why can’t they find a time slot for it on tv?

Well, I guess I should be so lucky that they are allowing us to see the series finale unlike ABC who made us wait for months before they would give us the final episodes of Pushing Daisies.

Well this sucks big time because I really loved The Cape. I read that TV guide article that @NBCTheCape tweeted and it says that The Cape creator wanted to kill off a character by the season finale but ratings slipped and they went from 13 to 10 episodes to finale. Hey, the ratings didn’t slip from me because I watched it faithfully every week after Chuck.

And let me respond about Summer Glau, she is not a show killer. Just because every show she’s been on has ended doesn’t mean jack. It’s not her fault and those trolls who said that need to go back under their bridge and stop spreading hate about her. She’s a very good actress, I mean look at her work in Firefly. I was totally convinced that her character was batshit crazy which is what they were going for. If she does another show I will definitely watch it.

I don’t normally wait for a show to air on a website so I’ll have to keep chanting in my head “The Cape on tonight at midnight” so I don’t forget.

This really sucks but I’m happy that we’re getting a finale episode at least.

Beast Legends at 1am?

Every Thursday night I turn to the SyFy channel to watch Destination Truth then Beast Legends.  For some odd reason Ghost Hunters is on instead.  Last week Ghost Hunters took Beast Legends time slot as well and I thought something was very strange about that but I didn’t investigate it until tonight.

I went to the Beast Legends page on the SyFy website and the first thing that I noticed was the time change on the image (above) that says 1am.

1am?  Really?  Did it get that bad of a rating that they had to change it to 1am?  I mean sure, the fictional characters they are looking for are far fetched from reality but you could say the same thing about Destination Truth as well.

I wasn’t too impressed with Beast Legends but I did watch it because I thought that the 3D graphics they were creating to build the beasts was kind of cool.  Then they had the little 1 or 2 minute movie at the end which only reminded me of an original SyFy movie lol.

If they are moving it to 1am permanently then I’m not even going to bother watching it anymore.  Yes I’m usually up at that time anyway but I’m not going to watch it if it’s so bad that they had to move it to 1am.  I’m loyal to some shows but not that one.

It’s too bad because the concept of the show was interesting.