Untold Legends Update

I know that people really care about my progress in this game.  Hehe.

I was stuck in the game in this one spot, this guy kept teleporting away from me and when I did get a chance to hit him he would heal really fast right after he teleported away from me.  It was so frustrating.  I could keep myself alive with either running or potions but how long can I keep that up for?

So I decided to save my game then exit the game and reload it but this time instead of continue the story, I’d restart the story.  I thought it would bring me back to the beginning of that zone but instead it brought me all the way back to when I first started playing the game.  What a bummer.  But, not really because I was still level 16 and I still had all my weapons and armor.

So, instead of going back to my original saved game I just went with it and started saving my game over my old game.  This way, I’m gaining level by doing all the things I’ve already done and I’m getting better gear too instead of getting all the gear I was getting the first time around.  I don’t know how I’m getting gear for my level but I am.  I was 16 when I restarted and now I’m level 21.

I do have a feeling though that when I get back to this bad ass guy I’ll probably still have trouble because he will be a higher level.  Maybe not, I don’t know.  Maybe he will still be the level he was before and I can kill him and get on with the game.  I sure do hope so.

I want to be able to get to level 50 so I can play with other people in multiplayer mode online.  Some people don’t want to play with you if you aren’t level 50.  Stuck up jerks lol.

Dumb Dumb Dumb

I am so thick sometimes.  I forgot to save my game yesterday with Untold Legends.  I had gotten to level 16 or 17, I forgot now, and I didn’t save my game once lol.  Well that’s OK because having to start over made me remember the things I was supposed to learn from the beginning which will help me where I was stuck when I stopped playing it last night.

There is this mob who kept running from me and I couldn’t kill him and he was shooting me but I couldn’t get anywhere near him.  I have a ranged weapon but I didn’t know how to use it.  So now I know.  This could help me get that guy.

Also I found out that you can play online with other people, even if they aren’t sitting in the same room or house with you.  But they want a minimum of level 50, they don’t want you if you are just learning the game.  I created an account though so when I do get to that level then I can try the multiplayer mode.  This means that I gotta solo my way to level 50 lol.  Then again maybe it’s impossible to solo your way to level 50, maybe I need to get into a guild or join a group of people to get to level 50.  I didn’t see guilds, I just saw groups of people trying to find more players.  Wow, reminds me of all the times I sat and waited for people to play with.  But I don’t know if it’s worth it to sit there waiting for people to come then have your battery die and have to play with the plug.

EverQuest for PSP

Untold Legends which I got today at Game Stop is very similar to EverQuest.  So I finally got the PSP’s answer to EQ.  I read that Sony wanted to create a version of EQ for the PSP but they couldn’t or something like that but they made Untold Legends.  It is very similar to EQ.  There are quests and merchants and you go up to people and talk to them and you got people following you and helping you fight.

Although nothing beats being able to chat with people but there is a multiplayer mode via lan or adhoc.  I don’t know how it works with the Lan though.  Maybe you gotta be chatting on the phone lol.  Who knows.  Or maybe you can use the headset with the mic.  With Adhoc you are sitting in the same room as the person you are playing with.

But I don’t know anyone with a PSP so it doesn’t matter.  I will always have to choose single player lol.

Game Stop

I haven’t been able to get to Game Stop yet to use my $25 gift card that I got from e-rewards because we haven’t gone to the mall yet.  I don’t want to make a special trip just for this.

I went to Game Stops website to check what they have and to see if it’s in stock or not but I’m sure by the time I get there those games won’t be there anymore.  So… I guess I have to just wait until we get there to see what they have.

I would like Untold Legends (1 of the 2) or Ratchet and Clank.  That game has a Daxter look to it, graphics wise that is.  I do plan on buying used though because it doesn’t matter to me if it’s new or used, they don’t get scratched up like a regular CD or DVD does.

I was hoping that they would have either the GPS or the Camera available by the time I got this but even if it was available I don’t have the money to cover the rest of the cost of it.  At least with used games I can get a couple, or a few depending on the cost.  And if it goes over by a couple of dollars I can certainly cover that.  I wouldn’t ever buy a movie only because I would probably only watch it once, there are only so many movies I’d watch over and over again.