Hacked Yahoo Emails

I got a strange email from my sister the other day with a link in it (which I won’t add here for your safety) and stupidly I clicked it but I closed the browser before anything could happen. I have wonderful anti-virus program that would’ve caught anything if I were infected.

I know that my sister did not send me that email because number 1 she’s in a bad place right now, her computer was stolen so she doesn’t have the means to send me that email and even if she had a way of sending me an email she would not send me a link with no text explaining what the link was or shy she sent it to me. Also, she wouldn’t email me, she would use to contact me.

Then this morning a friend sent me this email:

“I have a Japanese friend told me that he worked in a Japanese company. I visited the company he worked for and found the products very favorable. And there are many product versions, such as the European version, American version, and the Asian version and so on. All company’s products take photos for the true products. I suggest you should have a look in this website. There is the company website: (link omitted) , You can enjoy a lot of benefits in the second shopping time. Thank you ! k”

I know this isn’t from him because he signed it “K” and he wouldn’t have signed it with a letter, he would’ve signed it with his real name. And second, he never emails me. He doesn’t send me funny jokes or pictures of kittens or puppies or chain emails. He just doesn’t send anything. Not even an email saying hi. If he sees me online on MSN Messenger, well even then he doesn’t IM me. I usually have to IM him because he’s usually too busy to IM people.

So, my guess is that some how Matt and my sister have either clicked a link (when my sister still had access to a computer) and it gave them a virus which allows people to get your passwords or someone has hacked into the Yahoo mainframe. I don’t know which answer it is.

I am blogging about this so that if you have a @yahoo.com email address, back up your address book because what I know of hackers who do this kind of thing is that when they send these emails out to your friends they usually delete your address book / contact list. The only way to get that all back is by going through your sent folder and gathering all the addresses from the emails that were sent to your friends.

What should I do about hacked yahoo email? – Yahoo Answers

Good luck.

Microsoft and Yahoo Vs. Google

I saw on Fox News this morning that Microsoft and Yahoo are going to merge and Yahoo will start using Microsoft’s Bing search engine.  I don’t know why.  Anyway, they said that Google has been kicking Yahoo’s ass in the search engine department so MS and Yahoo are going to combine to kick Google’s ass.

Shep on Fox said that Bing seems to be a way better search engine but I don’t know about that.  I just did a Bing search for my name “Xanapus” and it didn’t seem that special to me.  It has a pop up on the right side of each item that shows you whats in there but who really cares about that?  It’s not a little mini image of the page, its text.  I don’t see how it’s better than Google personally.

Also, a few nights ago we went to visit friends of ours and when I went to look up the directions I opened Windows Live Mail (which I find easier than Outlook Express) and opened up the address book to copy the address to paste in Google maps but the address was a link so I clicked it and up came Bing Map.  After awhile trying to figure out just how I was supposed to get directions to that address I finally printed the directions with a map.  Well, those directions got us lost because they put us somewhere else.  They told us to turn left when we were supposed to go to another street 2 streets up on the right.  We ended up having to call to find out which street to go to and found out right and not left.

Google in my opinion is way better for search engines and for maps.  I’m probably not going to change.  There are some aspects of Google I don’t care for like Google Chrome browser because it doesn’t give me my Yahoo toolbar.  I’m kinda sorta looking forward to Google Chrome OS only because of the claim that it starts up faster than Windows but we will see if I can still use my Windows software since it will be Linux-based.  One service of Google’s that I do love is their free 1-800-GOOG-411.

Good luck Microsoft and Yahoo.

Bad Weather

I woke up this morning thinking that I was going to be able to ride my bike then looked out the window and see these dark clouds in the sky and thought dammit, why can’t I catch a break?

But luckily I looked at the weather on Yahoo and it says that it’s going to be cloudy until around noon then it will clear up but it said nothing about rain.

Whew!  So that’s good.  That tells me that I can go on my bike ride, I just have to deal with it being a little cold outside until Noon.  I probably won’t be gone as long as I normally would because my legs are out of practice.

Web Host Upgrade?

Ok I got this email today from my web host that they are going to start charging me $3 more per month but the good news is that I’m also getting 3GB more too.  So I guess that’s not bad.  If I paid for a year up front I could get a discount so I’d really only have to pay $1 more each month but I really don’t have the money to put towards a whole year up front.  That’s ok, it’s still worth it to pay for my own domain rather than just use a blog site like Xanga, MySpace, Blogger, Yahoo 360° or whatever other blogging sites are out there.

At least with my own website I can give people a website address that they can go to that is short like xanapus.com.  Most of the people who I played EQ with would know exactly where to go because they know that name.  It would be easier to find me on the internet just by looking up my character name.  If you do a google search for the name Xanapus there are 2,860,000 results. I get around lol.

Universal Chat Program

When I stopped using my laptop I installed all the IM programs to the desktop such as AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN Messenger and MySpace IM.  Well, all of a sudden I’ve noticed how slow my computer got from running all those IM programs.

So I went on Google and did a search for IM programs and found Pidgin.  This is a universal chat program that lets you see your buddy list from 16 different IM programs.

AIM, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, Groupwise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MySpaceIM, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, XMPP, Yahoo! and Zephyr

There is one other that I wish it had which is Facebook.  eBuddy has Facebook, I use that IM program when I’m on my PSP.

Well this definitely helps and all the IM’s are tabbed so if you are in more than 1 conversation it’s tabbed for you in 1 window.  It also has chatrooms, the only thing it doesn’t have is webcam.  You can either have 1 universal icon for all to see or you can choose an icon for each IM service that you use.  And it uses the smileys that you would normally see only in like AOL or Yahoo or MSN, so you can’t use special smileys that you wouldn’t see in AOL that you would see in MSN.  I think it’s pretty cool.  I like it.  My computer isn’t slow any more.


Since I’m not using my laptop anymore because I can’t afford to renew my warranty, I’m only going to use it for GPS when we go on trips and it’s really slow so I’m going to have to reformat it so when we do go on trips the GPS will load much quicker.  Although, I would love it if we could buy a $99 TomTom.

When I was using my laptop, I had it specifically for all the IM programs like MSN Messenger, Yahoo IM, AIM, ICQ, Skype and MySpace IM.  Plus I was using it for Microsoft Money 2004.  It came with the laptop.  But since I’m not longer using the laptop I had to install all of those programs onto my desktop and since I’m not playing EverQuest anymore then I have no reason not to have those run on the desktop.

The only drawback is that when I turn the computer on I have to wait forever for it to load.  The laptop typically took about 10-30 minutes to load.  Yeah, I know.  I’ve reformatted it but then as soon as I install all that crap back on there it takes forever again to load.

So why do I have all these IM programs installed?  Because some people absolutely will not use some IM programs.  Like for example, my cousin refuses to use anything but ICQ.  Well, he’s the only person that I know who uses ICQ.  I have friends who will not use anything but MSN Messenger.  Some friends will only use AOL or AIM.  So in order to accommodate all those people I must have 6 IM programs running at the same time.

Actually, to be honest I stopped using ICQ because my cousin never gets on it so why keep loading it?  All I get are spam IM’s so if he can’t get on another IM program then I’m not going to accommodate him.  I mean, he ain’t using ICQ so why should I have to load it right?

Bad CD

On Sunday, the day before we left for San Diego, I burned a bunch of CD’s from music that I bought online (mp3’s for my mp3 player) so that we have some good music to listen to during our ride and I was totally disappointed when one of the CD’s didn’t play at all.  It was the latest Backstreet Boys CD called Unbreakable.  The 2nd song played fine but all the rest of the songs didn’t play at all.  I don’t know what happened.

I also burned the Charmed Final Chapter CD which I love personally because the songs remind me of the show which I miss.  Darrin wasn’t into that CD though and there were 2 Buffy the Vampire Slayer CD’s that I put in the cars CD player (it holds 6 discs) and I didn’t bother playing those because if he didn’t like the Charmed one then forget about the buffy ones hehe.

I think I’m going to start up the thing with Yahoo where you pay $15 a month and you get unlimited music downloads as opposed to having to pay $15 and get 15 songs from iTunes.  I will most likely only get a few CD’s here and there and not that often but who knows.


Ok, what?  When did this happen?  When did they start saying Bromosexual?  What the hell does that mean?

I was bromo-curious to find out what this meant so I just went to the yahoo search engine and typed bromosexual and got this…

Urban Dictionary: bromosexual

ROFL what the… these people that come up with words…  And the person who said it was Ryan Seacrest.  Need I say more?

My High School Girlfriend

Ok so tonight I was on MySpace and I was looking at the picture I have as my main picture which is of me at age 16 sitting with my high school girlfriends mother Jewell and it occurred to me that perhaps Shelley was on MySpace so I looked for her but to my dismay she wasn’t there.

So, while I was looking I decided to go to the Yahoo yellow pages thing and click people (like the white pages) and it found her but it wouldn’t give me any information. It also listed her mom and dad and so I knew it was her. So, I called 1-800-free-411 because regular 411 is $1 and so the free 411 didn’t have her last name listed so I called regular 411 and naturally they didn’t have her listed either.

So, I went back to the USA Search thingy and paid $4.95 and of course they tacked on another $1. So I found her address, there is actually 3 addresses listed and a phone number. I’m pretty sure the phone number is for her mothers house but I won’t know until I call her. Since I got the information after 10pm I have to wait until tomorrow to call because I don’t call people after 9pm. The wait is killing me though lol. I hope she doesn’t reject me.

Here is the picture on my My Space page:

I Need More Friends

Everyday when I get on my computer I load AIM and Yahoo messenger and it’s the same thing everyday. Nobody is ever online. There are a few people who come online but I’m not allowed to IM them at certain times.

Like take for example my friend Alyce. I can’t IM her during the day because she is working so I have to wait until 6pm to ask her if she’s still working and the last week she hasn’t been online at all. She goes invisible so nobody will IM her.

My sister is online on Yahoo but she is also at work and she doesn’t like to be bothered by me anyway so I just don’t bother IMing her. I don’t know what I did but she’s usually short with me.

Then there are a few other people who I never IM because they always have their away message on. I have a bunch of people on my buddy lists but usually only 5% of them are ever online and that 5% doesn’t want to talk to me. I need more friends.