Under Wraps Pumpkin

Tonight was the last night for carving pumpkins.  I did the mummy face called Under Wraps.  Thanks to all of you who watched me carve them.  I know for some it’s sort of lame to sit and watch someone carve a pumpkin but it’s fun for me and fun for some people and how often do you get to go into a chatroom online anymore?  I never do so this was fun for me.


I was doing a search on the internet for diets because I really need to lose some weight and I found this website www.sparkpeople.com and I’m really happy with it so far.  I signed up on October 1st (technically I signed up on 9/30 but this website goes by Eastern time so to them it was after midnight) and I’ve been following their direction for the last week.  They tell me, actually tell me what to eat.  Even though I know I’m supposed to eat fruits and veggies etc. I never really do it because I don’t know what kinds to eat so I just don’t.  I know that is a sucky excuse but it’s true.   It’s like if I am not told what to eat then I will just eat whatever I want to and I know that’s bad.  But I’m learning from this website how to live better, healthier and to eat the right portions.  It will help my stomach to shrink so I can lose weight faster because the portions they give me will actually make me full and maybe I will get to the point where I wont eat the amounts they say to eat because my stomach will be too small to fit it all.

Check out their website.  They give you a meter that shows your progress.  I’m on there as Xanapus.  I’m putting a link on my site in the menu called My SparkPage.  I will update it at every weigh in.