PSP Arrives Today

My new PSP will finally arrive today. I am so excited about getting it. Since I bought it I would hardly consider it to be a Christmas present that I would wrap and put under the christmas tree. If it were for someone else then I can understand wrapping it but I bought it for myself. That might sound selfish to buy something for myself but it only opens up the possibility for others to buy me PSP games for Christmas.

See? I’m helping to give people ideas of what to get me. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to buy presents for people and that is why I’m making presents. That is if I can put the PSP down long enough to finish making them lol.

Update: My PSP came today and I am using it right now to type this blog entry. I am so happy! Although, it takes forever to type anything LOL.

Lemmings PSP Game

I think it was in 2001 when my cousin Stephen introduced me to a game called Lemmings. He said it was available for download for free online somewhere so I found it and downloaded it and I really enjoyed it.

Well, since I bought a PSP I was looking on the PlayStation website to see what games they had available for the PSP and found Lemmings there. I was going to just buy it at Wal-Mart or Target or something at the high price of $40 but thought why buy it there for that price when I could get it at a pawn shop for less.

So we were downtown yesterday and I went over to the Wooden Nickle Trading Company and they had it for $25 so I bought it hehe. My PSP should be here tomorrow so I can’t wait to play it.


Yesterday and today we went over to Julia’s house to help her niece Jean and her husband Bill clean up a bit. She had a lot of “stuff” so basically we were bagging up clothes, shoes and purses to be sent to the goodwill. I think there were over 100 bags of just clothes.

Anyway, it was back-breaking and my foot was getting cramps but it was fun lol. I know it’s strange to call that fun but it was. We went to the Olive Garden and I forgot my glasses on the table but thank goodness they found them so were going to get them tomorrow. I’m typing blindly right now hehe.


I’ve been really thinking about it for the last month and I really want a Sony PlayStation Portable aka PSP. I’ve been looking at all these websites trying to find a good price and where is the best place to buy one, online or at the store. Well because Christmas is this month all the stores are out of them.

Last night and this morning I saw the Wal-Mart in Bakersfield (2 of them) had them still but then all of a sudden they sold out. But they still had some at their website and so I decided to just get one.

I know I could have waited or you know, I don’t really NEED one but I want one. I didn’t want to buy a used one because I’m too afraid it might have a virus so I chose to buy a new one.

It’s the one with Daxter and the Family Guy freakin’ sweet collection and also it has 1GB of memory. I wanted the Star Wars one but that didn’t have a memory stick or a movie. Just the Star Wars game plus Darth Vader silk screened onto the back which I can almost guarantee will rub off.

So I bought it and it should be here next week between Monday and Wednesday.

Safe Holidays

I just wanted to wish everyone very safe holidays. There isn’t really much going on here. I’m knitting stockings for Christmas and I want to make some ornaments for the tree which by the way we haven’t decorated yet hehe. I put it up but it hasn’t been decorated.

I want to buy a PSP for myself because I deserve a treat, however, I can’t find one anywhere, not even on the internet. I don’t want a used one because my neighbor told me his has a virus, yes a virus. They can go to websites and you can catch a virus from a website so if you go to a website with a PSP you can get a virus and I’m sure used ones are at risk. I have a 50/50 chance of buying an infected PSP so I just feel I might as well buy a new one.

The Core ones which are $165 or something. The ones that come with a game are $199. I could buy a Nintendo DS but those don’t go to websites nor do they play movies or let you view your photos or work as a mp3 player. I also saw a PSP with GPS capabilities, I assume you can buy the GPS for any PSP. I will have to wait until after the holidays to try to buy one. I’m sure they will be on sale after Christmas and/or New Years Day.