Games for PSP

We went to the mall today to pay for Chips Sears card and he decided he was going to buy me a game. I kept refusing but we ended up going to the Game Stop and buying a game but we came home and I played it and it was so lame. We are going to return it tomorrow.

I’ve been looking for a game that is similar to Tetris that we can play on the PSP but there are none. Or are there? I found on a game called “Sega Genesis Collection” and it has 28 Sega Genesis games including Sonic the Hedgehog and Columns which is what I had when I had the Sega Game Gear.

Columns is Sega’s version of Tetris which is a little different but it works. The other 26 games sound cool, I’ve never played them so it will give me a chance to see what they were like. It’s cool that there are 28 games on 1 UMD so I don’t have to keep switching the UMD’s. It’s gonna be awesome. And Darrin will finally have a game that he can play. He doesn’t get into all the games but when I got my Game Boy 14 years ago he loved playing Tetris.

Darrin Was Robbed at Gun Point

Tonight Darrin had to go to the ATM machine across the street to deposit $110 so he could pay his credit card bill when that cleared and when he got there he grabbed his sears card instead of his debit card so he had to walk back home. This guy was sitting on the brick wall across the street from the ATM machine watching him and saw Darrin go across the street and turn onto 3rd street and waited until Darrin got up to the front door then robbed him.

He held the “gun” up to his neck and said this is a robbery give me all your money. Well Darrin had the $110 ($100 dollar bill and 2 $5’s) and handed it to the guy and the guy started digging into his pockets. Luckily he didn’t find the rest of the money, he was in too much of a hurry so he took off. Darrin isn’t quite sure if it was a gun or if it was the guys finger but when you are in this situation there isn’t time to think. He could have taken the keys and the car or possibly come into the house and robbed both of us.

My Laptop

My laptop has been driving me nuts cause it’s so slow when it loads. Last night I made a backup of the hard drive onto an external drive so this morning I can reformat but the DVD drive wont read the windows cd so I just decided to just clean it up which is what I should have done in the first place. The hard drive only had 7% free space and now it has 32%.

New Theme

The Puzzled Gold theme and the Wood Work theme seem to be going neck and neck with each other. I’m going to let this poll continue for a few more days and then I will change my theme. If it’s puzzled I don’t have to do anything since I already own that theme but if it’s wood work then I buy it and change the theme. I’m pulling for puzzled though hehe.


I’m going to buy a new theme for my website to replace the gingerbread theme. I was thinking of changing it to something other than the puzzled gold one however if people liked it I’d go back to it anyway.

But I was looking at for a new theme and I found 4 I liked. I made a poll yesterday and so far there is a tie between the puzzled gold and wood work. I was going to just buy it tomorrow when I saw what the results were but since there is a tie I’m gonna wait until the weekend. I really appreciate the votes.