Toy Chihuahua Sweaters

Well I tried making some sweaters for our little doggy with the Knifty Knitter blue loom but it just didn’t work out too well. First off it’s too hard to put on her because you have to put it on over her head then you have to put her front feet in the holes then pull it down and the bottom of it was too tight to be able to do that because of the way I had to end the sweater.

The neck was too big and the waist was too tight lol. The sweater stretched too much too so it just didn’t look good at all. I’m doing it as granny squares now which will make it much easier to do different color themes for the holidays so it works out.

And doing it with crochet with squares it doesn’t pull over, it just sits on top of her and holds on with velcro in the front and underneath. As soon as I finish the first one which will be for St. Patrick’s Day I will put a picture on this blog plus in the crafts section.

New Name for Our Dog

Well, we finally decided on a name for our dog. Since she is a Toy Chihuahua, when she is sitting up she kinda looks like a meerkat. Darrin went onto the website for Meerkat Manor to look at the names for their characters and the female Meerkats name was Flower so that is our dogs new name. Taco didn’t suit her, Flower is better.


Well, it’s day 2 of having this very hyper/needy dog. Her name was Taco but we don’t want to keep that name and we can’t think of a good name to give her. Darrin called his aunt Lavaugn (sp?) up yesterday and told her that he is naming her Lavaugn which made her giggle but he has since changed his mind and can’t think of a name for her. It’s not quite the name for a mexican dog hehe. In the meantime I’m calling her TBD. That’s “To Be Determined” hehe.


We went to Costco today, I bought some shampoo, body wash, deodorant, laundry soap, trash bags and yogurt. All but the yogurt will most likely last 6 months or longer so I guess money well spent hehe. It was about $65. It was a good buy though, 200 loads of laundry or something and I think 200 garbage bags. Wow! Not bad. Oh and 4 sticks of deodorant. That will last a long time since I only use it when I need to. Being lazy has its advantages hehe.

D&D Tactics for PSP

I’ve been playing this Dungeons & Dragons Tactics game today and I’m getting good at it. The last game I played I figured something out about healing that I wasn’t getting before and I lost the game because 2 of my characters died but that is ok, it’s a learning process.

Edit: I didn’t mention the day before yesterday that Darrin bought me Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics game for PSP on Valentines Day.  Thank you Darrin!!!!


I was looking at an article on “AIM Today” today (it’s called AIM Today and I read it today lol) about PSP (PlayStation Portable) and it was called PSPotential and it was like a list of 12 things you can do with a PSP.

One of the things was this thing called eBuddy which is a website and you basically can use either your cell phone or psp or whatever device you have, sign up with them and you can add all your IM programs to it like AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and MySpace.

So since I’ve added all those things (I didn’t have Gtalk – from google – so I signed up for it lol) all I do is sign in with 1 name that I created for eBuddy and it signs me into all 5 IM services. And what’s cool is I can chat in an IM with someone or several people with my PSP. This makes it nice when I’m sitting in the living room and wanna chat with people.

New Bathroom

I tried blogging this morning but couldn’t because our internet was on the fritz so before I go to bed I thought I’d blog.

We finally got a new toilet (YAY) so now when we flush we don’t have to stand and wait for the water to go down and then sometimes the old toilet wouldn’t go down so you’d have to wait for the tank to fill and try to flush again. Oh and the old toilet you’d have to literally stand there holding the handle until the water went down all the way. You couldn’t just flush and go hehe.

So it’s nice having a new one. We also have new wallpaper and tile for the floor. Now instead of looking like a woman lives here it looks like men live here heh. Darrin seems to be doing all the work though because it’s not the biggest bathroom so it’s a bit too cramped for both of us to be in there.

Old Arcade Games

I was at the PSP page today just browsing through all the games they have on there and I noticed they had these collections and one of them had like 50 Atari 2600 games and so I looked at the pictures and of course it is indeed the old 2600 games which were so bad but to 1980’s standards, well, let’s face it, they were still bad then lol.

My cousins had Atari 5200 and it was more similar to the arcade games than the 2600 was. I was very jealous. My other cousin Stephen had a Nintendo and that was a bit cooler.

Anyway, then I found another collection called Namco Museum Battle Collection. That has about 20 games like Pac Man, Dig Dug, Galaga, Galaxian etc. 4 of the games they redid for the PSP too. I know of 3 of them, Pac Man, Dig Dug and Galaga they totally redid to give them a little 3Dness so they look way cool.

I found it on ebay new still in package for like $15 so of course I had to buy it. I don’t know when I’ll get it because I bought it on a Saturday and it wont go out until Monday probably and it’s coming via USPS which means it will be longer than if it were coming via UPS or FedEx. That’s fine though because the mail carrier can put it in the wood box outside and nobody will take it and I wont have to worry about staying home for it hehe. I can’t wait to play Galaga and Dig Dug after all these years.

My Computer is Slow

It appears that my computer needs to be reformatted once again. I really hate it when that happens. I’m going to try uninstalling stuff that insist on running when I turn the computer on first and see if that helps as well as defragmenting (again). I want to try everything I can to avoid reformatting.

Every time I get on EverQuest it takes forever to log in then once I get on it disconnects then I have to wait another 15-20 min before it lets me back on again. Last night I totally missed the raid because of it. It just kept freezing.

I think it might be Yahoo Widgets that is doing it to me though. So I’m going to just make it so it doesn’t start with Windows. Hopefully that will help. I do like the widgets though because of the TV Guide and Coke Rewards feature. Those 2 are really the only widgets I need. It makes it so much easier to enter my coke rewards and to view the tv guide without having to load the website and wait forever for it to load.