We went to Costco today, I bought some shampoo, body wash, deodorant, laundry soap, trash bags and yogurt. All but the yogurt will most likely last 6 months or longer so I guess money well spent hehe. It was about $65. It was a good buy though, 200 loads of laundry or something and I think 200 garbage bags. Wow! Not bad. Oh and 4 sticks of deodorant. That will last a long time since I only use it when I need to. Being lazy has its advantages hehe.

D&D Tactics for PSP

I’ve been playing this Dungeons & Dragons Tactics game today and I’m getting good at it. The last game I played I figured something out about healing that I wasn’t getting before and I lost the game because 2 of my characters died but that is ok, it’s a learning process.

Edit: I didn’t mention the day before yesterday that Darrin bought me Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics game for PSP on Valentines Day.  Thank you Darrin!!!!