Web Design

I just finished a new website yesterday. I was asked way before Christmas time if I would design more websites for Chips brother and his son (Chips nephew) and I’ve been saying yes for a long time but never got any info on it.

So Darrin told me that David called again and left another message and told me “would you please call him?” So I did then as Darrin was giggling he told me that it was an old message. Well, that’s ok because it got me to call him and remind him that I still wanted to do it.

So I got the information and pictures and stuff and made the website. It’s at www.superlodgeelpaso.com.  I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.

New Blog

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged here. Ever since I found out that I can’t type that much anymore because of my carpal tunnel I just decided not to blog as often. I hate using voice recognition because I can’t write a private email or blog without the world knowing what I’m saying. I do still like my privacy.

Ok now that I just had to dry my desk off I will end this blog. I took a drink from a 1 liter bottle of Lipton Green Tea and went to set it on the desk and it decided it wanted to jump out of the bottle since I put it down to hard on the desk hehe.


A few months ago Chips moms friend Julia passed away. Darrin sort of latched onto Julia after his mom passed away and so when Julia passed away her niece Noretta “Jean” Cade gave us some of Julia’s things. Julia was a hoarder, she had a lot of everything and she loved to do crafts. All this yarn is what Jean gave me because she didn’t want to throw it all away, she wanted it to go to someone who can use it. There is also a lot of cross stitch projects, project books, plastic canvas and knitting needles and Cro-Hooks (a long knitting needle with a crochet hook on the end).

It’s very ironic too because I can’t crochet anymore because today I was diagnosed officially with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. I need surgery to fix it which can take a while. I have to go to a neurologist to get the diagnosis so my insurance will pay for the surgery.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Sometime last year I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. up until now I have been OK with crocheting and typing but I have to start using a voice recognition software and a microphone to type with.

I had to stop crocheting completely because my hands get numb and my right hand feels like there something pinching in there. I have to say that it’s really not fair because I really enjoyed crocheting.

I enjoyed typing too but I do love being able to talk into a microphone and have all my words come up as typed words. it does make a few mistakes here and there but I really don’t mind. for example the first word in each sentence is not capitalized. But that’s quite all right I really don’t care.

New Glasses

February 23 2006 is the last time I had an eye exam and a new pair of glasses. So this year was the year that I could finally get a new pair of glasses on medi-cal. You can only get a new pair of glasses every two years. I picked out a nice pair I guess and my eye exam proved that my prescription has changed a lot. They said it would take about three weeks for the glasses to come and I ordered them on March 05, 2008.