Web Design

I just finished a new website yesterday. I was asked way before Christmas time if I would design more websites for Chips brother and his son (Chips nephew) and I’ve been saying yes for a long time but never got any info on it.

So Darrin told me that David called again and left another message and told me “would you please call him?” So I did then as Darrin was giggling he told me that it was an old message. Well, that’s ok because it got me to call him and remind him that I still wanted to do it.

So I got the information and pictures and stuff and made the website. It’s at www.superlodgeelpaso.com.  I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself.

New Blog

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged here. Ever since I found out that I can’t type that much anymore because of my carpal tunnel I just decided not to blog as often. I hate using voice recognition because I can’t write a private email or blog without the world knowing what I’m saying. I do still like my privacy.

Ok now that I just had to dry my desk off I will end this blog. I took a drink from a 1 liter bottle of Lipton Green Tea and went to set it on the desk and it decided it wanted to jump out of the bottle since I put it down to hard on the desk hehe.