Jump Rope

I bought a $8 beaded jump rope today and boy is that hard work lol. I’m going to use it to relearn how to jump rope and to get used to using one then I am gonna give this one to my neighbor’s daughter Devan then I want to buy one that’s a little more expensive that is the kind that is faster and thin so I can do it better.

I thought this was the better kind for me because I was afraid the rope would be too thin and light and trip me up but frankly this does that to me too lol. I haven’t used a jump rope since I was like 10 years old and watching me jumping rope is kinda funny, I look like a child just learning.

I used to be really good at it and was able to just lightly jump inches off the ground and was so fast but now I’m like a clumsy 6-year-old. Oh and my leg muscles are sore from 2 minutes lol. And after 2 minutes I’m out of breath and need a drink of water. I really need to relearn this because it is excellent exercise. It burns about 32 calories a minute and works all the muscles in the body.

Sparking Up Again

In October 2007 I was on the SparkPeople diet which is really not a diet but they teach you how you should be eating the right foods and the right portions. They tell you what foods to eat which include the food pyramid and you eat veggies and drink water all day long and you tell them exactly what you ate and they tell you how many calories, carbs, fats etc you had for the day.

This is really helpful in losing weight. It’s not a diet because you are eating foods you are supposed to be eating anyway. You can eat snacks just as long as they aren’t too fatty or have a lot of calories. Eating an apple for a snack is good, or carrots, hey my mom used to give that to us for snacks and celery with peanut butter. And they tell you to exercise and you can log your cardio exercises in there so it can tell you how many calories you have to burn 3 days a week. The program has 4 stages too.

In October 2007 something changed in my life a few weeks after I started this diet and I ended up slacking off because I was too depressed to continue with it. I started out on October 1st at 225lbs and lost about 13lbs. Since I quit I gained 30+lbs.

I can’t tell you how much I need to lose this weight. I am having trouble breathing, my back is breaking all the time from carrying around 93lbs of extra weight, I have sleep apnea, if I don’t get thin I will be diabetic and that is no joking matter. I need this to work.

I’m going to try to get a jump rope today because apparently that is really good cardio. I was using the treadmill a couple years ago and the calorie loss in 1 hour is the same or more for 30 min of jumping rope. When I was a kid I jumped rope for hours so hopefully I can get back into it and lose the weight.

Panasonic DVD Recorder

In January 2007 I bought a Panasonic DVD Recorder VCR combo (DMR-ES35V) and last month all of a sudden it started freezing on me. I don’t know why. Luckily it had a 1 year warranty plus I bought a 1 year warranty which expires in January 2009.

So I called Panasonic up after it had been freezing a week. I was giving it time to make sure it was the machine and not me. So I called and the guy had me convinced that it was me. I was trying to watch something I taped last night on the dvd-ram and every time I tried to pause it the numbers would stop (when I say numbers I mean like 1 hour 24 minutes, the time that I’ve been watching it) but the show would continue to play. I couldn’t do anything so in order to get it to stop doing that so I could pause I’d have to power off then when I turned it back on and hit play it started from the beginning 0:00:00 and I’d have to fast forward.

So I called today and told the guy I spoke to what happened and that I called last month and he said it’s probably the firmware. OMG Why didn’t I think of that? I asked if I could just download something and burn it to a cd? He said no, I’m going to send you a cd in the mail. I really don’t mind downloading it because it’d be a lot faster than US mail hehe. But, I guess I can wait. I don’t know if the download is old or not so I’ll wait.

Update: I waited months and they never sent it to me so I just decided to download the firmware, burn it to a dvd-r and loaded it into the dvd recorder and it did the upgrade.  I wish I had just downloaded it to begin with instead of waiting for months like a chump.

Different Day, Strange Dog

Well, yesterday morning when I woke up Flower was back to normal. I forgot to blog this yesterday but all of a sudden she was fine. I thought she was damaged but she’s back to her old self.

I don’t understand what happened or what was going on in her life or going on in her head but all of a sudden she was scared of us then next thing she snaps out of it. I don’t know.

We got that carpet steam cleaner and I used it today on the kitchen floor and it was wonderful, tomorrow I’m going to work on the carpet to get rid of the cat/dog pee and cat barf stain/smell. Darrin bought the pet carpet cleaner stuff. I hope it works out.

Elton John Concert Part 2

We just came home from the concert and it was so good. We were in the wrong seats and this rude crack head came up to us and said “you’re in my seat get up now”. I knew we were in the wrong seats but that’s where the usher told us to sit. She looked at our tickets but apparently someone was in our seats so we had no where else to sit.

So we got up and I said you don’t have to be so rude about it then we went to the usher again and told her that we were asked very rudely to get up, where are our seats again? She shined the light on the seats that were apparently ours and so we sat down. They were much better seats anyway, the seats we were in before, the wrong ones, we couldn’t see the screen and since all we could see was the back of Elton’s head, the screen was so nice to watch. We were glad she asked us so eloquently to get up.

But it was fun, we had such a good time. I got so buzzed from the 3 beers I had but the giant pretzel soaked up most of it so I was ok to back seat drive on the way home. I’m glad we went. Darrin has never been to a Elton John concert in his life so good for him that we went.

Same Day, Different Dog

I don’t know what happened. We were cleaning the patio off today so we can service our cooler because it was supposed to be 96 degrees today and Darrin bought a BBQ and I put that together in the back yard while Darrin was clearing the patio and Flower was out there with me helping me.

She was fine all day as we were working and then we went to the store for charcoals and chicken for the new BBQ and when we came back I heard Flower screaming. I rushed to open the door and she was by herself at the door. I just figured she was overly excited that we were home again after 10 minutes of being gone. Cause you know, 10 minutes is forever in dog years hehe.

So Darrin and I didn’t notice it but she pee’d on the kitchen floor and I went to go watch Big Brother and I went to go get some iced tea and look for Flower and she wasn’t in the house so I went to the back yard to see if she was out there and he said she wasn’t and so we came in the house and was calling her name over and over and no response.

20 minutes later I see her cowering in Opals room from under the bed and I had looked under that bed too and didn’t see her. All of a sudden she’s freaked out and I don’t know why.

I tried giving her a treat and she turned her face. She would not have it. All she wants to do is go hide and I don’t know why. Maybe when we were gone she was overly enthusiastic with the cat and the cat probably scratched her and that’s what the screaming was. I don’t know, I went to find the cat after I heard flower scream but the cat was laying by the chair by the patio door. I don’t know what happened. She’s laying on my bed right now and I know she just wants to be alone so I’m giving her some space while I eat some BBQ chicken.

Ped Egg

Ok, you know those commercial for Ped Egg right? Well, they work. They work great too. The only downside is you have to buy the replacement blades because when you use it they wear out and become dull so you have to put in a new one but it’s only $10 for 3 new blades. It’s a good deal.

Next time I go to Walgreen’s I’m gonna buy 3 packages so I have 9 new blades. I already bought a refill pack and I’m on my 2nd blade so I got 2 extra but I’m afraid they will stop selling them so I want to buy as many blades as I can heh. Just in case you know?

The only thing is you have to make sure you don’t use it too much because when you expose the raw it hurts, it hurts bad. Just use it enough that it gets the job done then stop. You have it forever so don’t overdo it.

Make sure you use it while your feet are dry as it says on the directions then soak your feet after and use a Miracle foot repair cream. It’s got drugs in it which helps but wash your hands afterwards or use gloves. My feet are so smooth now and they feel so good. I’m gonna use it once a week.

Bee Sting

I let Flower go potty in the back yard and I came back in and watched Big Brother on the computer and I left her out there for a good 40 minutes. When I came back out there to go get her, she was limping and whimpering.

We looked at her foot and her pad was red on her front left foot. We immediately took her to the vet and they took out the bee sting and gave her a shot of Benadryl. She will be sleeping for a while (let’s hope hehe) so hopefully she can sleep it off and not keep licking it. Give it time to heal you know?


Well our tenant Arlene moved out on April 1st and that same day that they were getting the rest of their stuff this guy named Justin called and said he was interested in renting the house. He had to go to work then came back just an hour later with his mom to look at it and basically rented it right away.

We normally have like at least a month to get the house all painted and cleaned up and ready to be rented but this time we had 48 hours. Of course we couldn’t find the right shade of white to do touch ups on the walls so Darrin ended up getting a whole new color, Antique white which meant blocking and straight lines which took way more time. We were up until 3am working then had to wake up at like 8am to go finish it all up. What a chore but it’s all done and the place has a tenant which is the most important thing.