Ped Egg

Ok, you know those commercial for Ped Egg right? Well, they work. They work great too. The only downside is you have to buy the replacement blades because when you use it they wear out and become dull so you have to put in a new one but it’s only $10 for 3 new blades. It’s a good deal.

Next time I go to Walgreen’s I’m gonna buy 3 packages so I have 9 new blades. I already bought a refill pack and I’m on my 2nd blade so I got 2 extra but I’m afraid they will stop selling them so I want to buy as many blades as I can heh. Just in case you know?

The only thing is you have to make sure you don’t use it too much because when you expose the raw it hurts, it hurts bad. Just use it enough that it gets the job done then stop. You have it forever so don’t overdo it.

Make sure you use it while your feet are dry as it says on the directions then soak your feet after and use a Miracle foot repair cream. It’s got drugs in it which helps but wash your hands afterwards or use gloves. My feet are so smooth now and they feel so good. I’m gonna use it once a week.

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