Same Day, Different Dog

I don’t know what happened. We were cleaning the patio off today so we can service our cooler because it was supposed to be 96 degrees today and Darrin bought a BBQ and I put that together in the back yard while Darrin was clearing the patio and Flower was out there with me helping me.

She was fine all day as we were working and then we went to the store for charcoals and chicken for the new BBQ and when we came back I heard Flower screaming. I rushed to open the door and she was by herself at the door. I just figured she was overly excited that we were home again after 10 minutes of being gone. Cause you know, 10 minutes is forever in dog years hehe.

So Darrin and I didn’t notice it but she pee’d on the kitchen floor and I went to go watch Big Brother and I went to go get some iced tea and look for Flower and she wasn’t in the house so I went to the back yard to see if she was out there and he said she wasn’t and so we came in the house and was calling her name over and over and no response.

20 minutes later I see her cowering in Opals room from under the bed and I had looked under that bed too and didn’t see her. All of a sudden she’s freaked out and I don’t know why.

I tried giving her a treat and she turned her face. She would not have it. All she wants to do is go hide and I don’t know why. Maybe when we were gone she was overly enthusiastic with the cat and the cat probably scratched her and that’s what the screaming was. I don’t know, I went to find the cat after I heard flower scream but the cat was laying by the chair by the patio door. I don’t know what happened. She’s laying on my bed right now and I know she just wants to be alone so I’m giving her some space while I eat some BBQ chicken.

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