Jump Rope

I bought a $8 beaded jump rope today and boy is that hard work lol. I’m going to use it to relearn how to jump rope and to get used to using one then I am gonna give this one to my neighbor’s daughter Devan then I want to buy one that’s a little more expensive that is the kind that is faster and thin so I can do it better.

I thought this was the better kind for me because I was afraid the rope would be too thin and light and trip me up but frankly this does that to me too lol. I haven’t used a jump rope since I was like 10 years old and watching me jumping rope is kinda funny, I look like a child just learning.

I used to be really good at it and was able to just lightly jump inches off the ground and was so fast but now I’m like a clumsy 6-year-old. Oh and my leg muscles are sore from 2 minutes lol. And after 2 minutes I’m out of breath and need a drink of water. I really need to relearn this because it is excellent exercise. It burns about 32 calories a minute and works all the muscles in the body.


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