Noisy Neighbors

UGH! My neighbor has been cutting all the branches off of his tree right outside my bedroom window which makes it 100% impossible for me to concentrate on anything today. He’s been at it for the last 2 hours and he’s only maybe halfway done, he has 2 trees and one of them so far is just a stub now lol. It only has a few branches on it and it looks so funny. Darrin says that your supposed to do that to that type of tree this time of year. So far 1 down 1 to go.

So since I can’t read I thought maybe I might watch a movie, I rented Cirque du Freak from the Red Box at the grocery store so I’ll be enjoying that for now. I wanted to wait until I’ve readall the books first but since I can’t read right now and I kind of want my fix, I’m going to watch it.

I think watching it will help me put a voice to all the names in the book because when I first started reading the first book yesterday, when it came to the vampire, I had a typical Transylvanian Dracula voice in my head complete with accent. As if all vampires talk like him. I remembered who played that role so then I pictured him as the vampire but I kind of forgot his voice so I made one up to what I think I remember how he sounds.

Anyway, he’s starting his machine up again so I’m going to start mine… my DVD machine that is.  Volume cranked all the way up to drown out his noise.

Hemp Jewelry for Children

Last night a friend who used to be our neighbor asked (on ) if we wanted to go to his daughter’sbirthday party on Sunday (tomorrow). Of course we’ll come. I asked him to measure her neck and wrist for some hemp beaded jewelry lol.

What can I say, I love making jewelry out of hemp despite how much it hurts my hands.

So today we’re going to go back to Michael’s for some children friendly beads. I’m going to buy some of the lettered beads and make her a bracelet with her name on it and since it won’t be that long since she’s only 6 years old, 4 letters (BETH) is perfect. It’s a good thing her name isn’t longer like Elizabeth lol.

Since they have 2 other children around her age I thought that I would make them something too because I know how jealous they get when one gets something and the others don’t. I know it’s her birthday party and not theirs but they might feel left out so this will lift their spirits at least.

I’m probably gonna end up just bringing the hemp spools with us and my bead box just in case the other kids want a necklace too. I spoil all the kids too much.

So, what I’m going to get is a big box of many colored beads and the alphabet beads, I haven’t decided what color yet but we’ll see what they have. They might have one of those big round containers with alphabet beads, it would be cheaper if they did.

My hands are gonna be cramped up by the time we get out of there tomorrow. I’m gonna have claws instead of hands.

Day 2 With New Bike Seat

Yesterday I felt everything was against me.  My back tire had a bump in it, my computer wire was cut from the pimple in the front tire and my seat just wasn’t comfortable at all.

But yesterday I fixed the back tire by putting in a different tube, not the presta but the other valve, I fixed the wires for the computer and I adjusted my seat ok.

Today I woke up late.  I normally set the alarm to wake me up at 4am but I guess I forgot last night because I woke up at 5:30am.  So I was able to leave at 6am.  I thought the world was going to be against me again but it was ok.

I thought that yesterdays last adjustment of the seat was good where I made it so it’s forward and not backward but that wasn’t good at all.  I just felt like I was going to fall off.  When I got to the bike trail I decided I need to adjust it yet again so I just moved it back 1 notch and it was good the rest of the trip.

I did my 20 miles and all was good.  Although, I need to sit in the Shiatsu massager for awhile because my back is killing me from that lol.  It’s like my arms are pushing too hard on the handlebars or something.  I’m sure that I will be comfortable with this new seat and then there won’t be any problem.

Oh one last thing, when I was looking at the website where I bought the new seat from I was debating on if I should buy the cheapest seat by itself or maybe with the sheepskin.  Or maybe I should buy the gel seat I just don’t know.  So I emailed the website asking them for their opinion and the guy who runs it said that he uses the classic with sheepskin so I took his word for it and bought that.  Big mistake.

I should’ve taken into consideration that sheepskin is going to be hot during the summer lol.  DUH!  And I really do need that gel seat.  It’s just too bad that I gave my old seat along with the gel cover to a neighbor.  I could’ve cut the gel part and sewn it to the bottom of the sheepskin.  Or I could just cut it at the crotch area and just make my own cover with the fabric that it has on it.  Just a little nip and tuck here and I could’ve used it.  Oh well, maybe next check I can buy another gel seat cover from Wal-Mart or Target and just cut it up and put it on there.

Busy Day For Me

I hadn’t planned on doing anything today, just resting my legs for tomorrows bike ride but then something came up.

Our new tenants are moving in tomorrow and there isn’t very much that Darrin can do over at the little house because of his job.  So, he had me go to buy some keys for the new tenants, 2 copies of 4 keys.  That’s fine, I was going to take the bus but I decided to ride my bike instead so I got some exercise in today.

But then he dropped the bomb on me.  Our shed is filled with boxes and furniture.  Well, the new tenants want to use the Shed and Darrin told me that he told them that we have our stuff in it.  I told him in all fairness that shed does belong to that rental so they should be able to use it.  Me and my big mouth.

So, today (right after I click the publish button) I gotta go put our stuff from the patio inside the house then hose the patio and hose our back yard too because our lovely neighbor blew all of our dead leaves from our grapefruit tree all over the place to make a big giant pile for me to shovel into the green cans.  I guess I appreciate it but I would’ve liked it if he didn’t get all the dust and dirt all over my back yard.  Anyway, off topic hehe.  I have to hose our patio and back yard.

While the patio and back yard are both drying I gotta move a piece of furniture from the living room to the bedroom (it’s a dresser and there was a dresser taken out of the bedroom so this is just going to be put in its place.  Then I gotta start carrying the boxes from the shed to our patio which is the space between the house and the garage.

Once all the boxes and furniture is in our patio then I gotta start pulling the stuff out of the garage and going through boxes to see if we need any of that stuff then start stacking boxes from the shed in the garage with our other boxes.  UGH!

I just ate a Tigers Milk energy bar so that should give me a little bit of energy.  Plus I got some coffee already brewed and waiting for me.  I’m taking this time to blog to rest my legs from that bike ride to the mall and back before I start this BS mission lol.

I Love You Man

Went to see this movie tonight called “I Love You Man”.  I don’t get to go to the movies too often and when I do and the movie is good I like to talk about it.  Well, even if it’s bad I like to talk about how bad it stunk.  This one was good though.

It’s about this guy who is getting married and he realizes that he has no guy friends.  So he starts to go out on “man dates” to try to get a connection with a guy so he doesn’t look like such a pathetic loser to his fiancée.

I can totally relate though because besides all my online friends, I really don’t have any real friends to speak of.  Since we moved to Bakersfield I haven’t really met anyone that I wanted to strike up a real friendship with.  Well, there was our neighbor Dan but he’s moved away and we really don’t hear from him anymore.  But he has his own “guy friends” that he’s been hanging around with since they were in school.

This movie was totally funny though.  Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live was so good as a gay guy.  He actually made gay people look cool by not flaming all over the movie.  Good for him.

Thomas Lennon on the other hand.  He was gayer and funnier than ever too.  Everyone kinda expects him to be outrageous though since he is gay as Lieutenant Jim Dangle on Reno 911.

I thought this was a very funny movie and I was laughing the entire time, even when other people weren’t laughing at which point I had to sink in my seat lol.


No, I wasn’t robbed but our neighbor whose name is Bob was robbed.  He had this girl living with him who cleaned his house in exchange for free rent and utilities but he wouldn’t give her a key.  She had her own room so why not give her a key?  That’s called being imprisoned.  Anyway, she would open her bedroom window and she put a chair by her window and she took the screen out and she would climb out the window and then come back in when she came back.

Well, Bob didn’t know that and he woke up this morning and she was gone and so were all his DVD movies and audio CD’s also some of his electronics were gone too.

I’m sorry this happened to him but you don’t just ask someone to move in with you if you don’t even know who they are and not give them a key and make them clean your house in exchange for free rent.  Although, how do you really know anyone?  Anybody can come into your life and pretend to be your friend then rob you blind when your guards are down.

We have bars on our windows to keep the burglars out.  This isn’t a really good neighborhood.  There was a murder last week a block from our house, a double homicide in fact.  A couple of years ago on July 4th this guy was beat up right in front of our house and he was taken to an alley and shot several times and nobody heard the gunshots because of all the fireworks.

I really want to move.

Broken Rocker

Well it finally happened.  I broke a chair.  Actually it has happened before.  It’s an old chair so leave me alone lol.  This chair that was in Chips moms room that she’s had for a long time, when she passed away we put it in the living room.  It’s not a rocking chair, it’s a regular chair that rocks.  A rocking chair would be all wood, this has fabric and springs etc.

What makes the chair rock are these 2 giant springs that are attached to 2 pieces of wood at the bottom of the chair and the springs are also attached to the chair.  Well, a year ago the springs broke where it’s welded, 1 spring broke and we asked our neighbor Dan who worked in a shop if he would re-weld it for us because that’s what he does.  So he did and then the other spring broke in the same way and so he fixed that too.  Well, it didn’t take long before one of them broke again but we never had him fix it a 2nd time.  The other spring just broke at the weld again so we’re retiring that chair lol.

I’m just too heavy to be able to sit in an old chair and rock it.  If it were a new(ish) chair like a recliner chair then I’m sure it would be a lot better.  This one made so many noises when I would rock in it, like squeaking sounds, you know because the springs needed oil or something.  I’ve sprayed WD-40 on them and they didn’t stop squeaking.  But I’ve sat in recliner chairs at the furniture stores and they never squeaked.

I would love to get a new chair but I just can’t afford it, even a used one.  So, I moved the rocking chair and put a regular chair in its place so now no more rocking hehe.  Oh well.

Getting Ready For Ride

Just a couple more hours before Sergio, my neighbor, comes a knocking on my door to go bike riding to Beach Park.  I’m positive that I can make it all that way but once I get there I have to stop and rest before going back home.  I’m actually looking forward to actually making it all that way.  I really don’t know why I always punk out when I do go on my bike ride.  I mean, it’s actually a very good idea to go all the way there, this way I can stop and lay down on the grass for a bit to give me the energy I need to go back home.

I bought a new pair of sunglasses at Walgreens this morning for $10.  They are the wrap around kind, the sports sunglasses.  I’ve had 2 other pair but both have broken and I’ve ended up having no choice but to throw them away.  It’s my own fault for breaking them though so this new pair I plan to keep with my helmet and only wear when bike riding.  This way I’m not  having to hold them while I’m at the store and accidentally break them lol.  That’s what happened to the last pair.  Oops.

I’ve been doing laundry last night and today so I have clean clothes to wear.  Normally when I go on my bike ride it’s in the morning and I don’t ride with anybody so I just put on sweat pants and my hoodie sweater along with thermal underwear because when I go by myself it’s usually when the sun is coming up.  But since it’s a little warmer in the daytime I had to wash and dry my shorts and since I can’t wear my hoodie then I need a nice clean shirt that isn’t too tight, isn’t too loose.

Going to have lunch now before I go.

Edit:  I waited until 3:15 because he said he would come to my door but never did so at 3:15 I went to his house and he said he just woke up and had to get in the shower because a friend called and is on his way so the bike was a no go hehe.

Scheduled Ride

Tonight I tried out my new light by riding over to the neighbor’s house, it’s like 5 houses away so it allowed me to see the lights turn on without having to go too far.  He was outside on his porch so I stayed for a few minutes and chatted.  He told me that we should go on a bike ride tomorrow at 3pm over to Beach Park.  Well, all I can say is good luck to him and his goal hehe.  I’m not quite sure I can make it that far but we will see.  It’s actually not that far from the point that I usually just turn around and go home so here is to keeping a goal.  If it works out I will blog (uh, duh, I blog about everything lol).

XP Antivirus 2008 AGAIN!

Did you read my blog about the XP Antivirus 2008 Virus?  I’m bumping this back up because I just got a virus screen from Norton Antivirus saying it got rid of a virus, shoot I already closed it so I can’t say what it was named.  I looked at all the details and it has to do with the XP Antivirus 2008 again because apparently even though I got rid of all those files and registry entries it found its way back into my computer.  Thank goodness I have Norton to protect my computer because if I didn’t I’d be screwed again.  I was at the neighbor’s house all this time so I had no clue what was happening to my computer.