I Love You Man

Went to see this movie tonight called “I Love You Man”.  I don’t get to go to the movies too often and when I do and the movie is good I like to talk about it.  Well, even if it’s bad I like to talk about how bad it stunk.  This one was good though.

It’s about this guy who is getting married and he realizes that he has no guy friends.  So he starts to go out on “man dates” to try to get a connection with a guy so he doesn’t look like such a pathetic loser to his fiancée.

I can totally relate though because besides all my online friends, I really don’t have any real friends to speak of.  Since we moved to Bakersfield I haven’t really met anyone that I wanted to strike up a real friendship with.  Well, there was our neighbor Dan but he’s moved away and we really don’t hear from him anymore.  But he has his own “guy friends” that he’s been hanging around with since they were in school.

This movie was totally funny though.  Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live was so good as a gay guy.  He actually made gay people look cool by not flaming all over the movie.  Good for him.

Thomas Lennon on the other hand.  He was gayer and funnier than ever too.  Everyone kinda expects him to be outrageous though since he is gay as Lieutenant Jim Dangle on Reno 911.

I thought this was a very funny movie and I was laughing the entire time, even when other people weren’t laughing at which point I had to sink in my seat lol.

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