Last Week In Obama

Last week President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Queen of England and there was a question of whether Michelle broke protocol by putting her arm around the Queen (touching her) but apparently it was no big deal because the Queen put her arm around Michelle first.

There is a tradition I guess that the Queen and heads of state exchange gifts to one another.  The Obama’s gave the Queen an iPod with all of Barack’s speeches and the Queen gave the Obama’s a signed painting of herself.

An iPod of all your speeches?  Really?  Is that what you are giving her?  Are you kidding me?  Do you really think that she wants to hear your voice drone on for hours and hours?  Look, I don’t hate our president but I certainly would not want to hear his voice for hours on end.  If someone gives me an iPod, I’d like it to be blank so I can put what I like on there.  The Queen already has her own iPod so what, she’s supposed to have 2?  You know that she gave it to one of her servants and they erased it and put Elton John on it.

Another thing happened last week in Obama.


As you can clearly see in this video, Barack Obama bows to Saudi King Abdullah at the Group of 20 summit in London last week.  Can you believe this guy?  No heads of state have ever, ever bowed to the Saudi King ever.  Bowing to the Saudi King is reserved only for his subjects.  People who are beneath him, not someone who is his equal.

“Mr. Obama later said in Strasbourg, France, “We have to change our behavior in showing the Muslim world greater respect.” Symbolism is important in world affairs. By bending over to show greater respect to Islam, the U.S. president belittled the power and independence of the United States.”

That was a quote from the Washington Times.  Is he joking?  “WE” have to change our behavior in showing the Muslim world greater respect?”  What about the respect they show the rest of the world?  Huh?  This is just showing more and more to me that he is a Muslim and not a Christian.  He even did his first tv interview with a Muslim TV show as President of the United States.  What does that show about him?

I just don’t see why people love him so much and why he was voted as president.  Why people voted for a muslim during a war with MUSLIMS but they wouldn’t vote for a patriot.  I personally don’t get it.  This guy is proving how dumb Americans are with every act.