Neat Breakfast Ideas

I was just thinking of something.  Why go to McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich when you have the Big City Sliders Station?  All you have to do is buy some ground up sausage meat then roll it into balls and press them with this thing but don’t cook it in there.  Just pop them out and cook them on the skillet (or BBQ).

Then beat some eggs and pour them into the 5 spaces and of course, as per instructions cook on low heat for 4 minutes.  Obviously since it’s eggs you can’t press them and you can’t use that top press piece to put on top of the eggs, it’s too heavy and the eggs will come out and get all over the place.  So what I think is let them cook for a few minutes.  Since they are small spaces they won’t take that long to cook then you can just add the lid when it’s pretty solid.  It says that you can flip them so that’s a good idea I guess if you can.  Make sure you use Pam.

Then once you are done cooking the eggs and the sausage take some English muffins or better yet, make some fresh baked biscuits.  Preferably from the recipe from the Bisquick mix instead of the ones that are in a tube.  Those are never right.  But when those are done just slice it then place the sausage on the bottom, a piece of cheese (optional) on top of the sausage then add the egg on top.

I’m sure this will be such a good sandwich.  And since they are so tiny you could enjoy a few of them.  I can’t wait to try this.  When I do I’m going to take some pictures and add it to the recipes page heh.

The Heat Is Gone

I know the song is “The Heat Is On” but for us in Bakersfield, it’s gone.  This is for the time being.  The last few days has been really hot, like 95°F-100°F temperatures.

I went bike riding this morning and it was nice and cool but not too cold.  I thought for sure it was going to be a scorcher today but it wasn’t.  Although there were times that I had to pull over into the shade because the sun was beating me down.

I looked at the forecast until Monday and it’s going to be in the late 70’s to mid 80’s all week.  Then the 6-10 day forecast it shows next week is going to be in the mid 80’s too.  Even on May 1st which is usually the day the 100°F temperatures start coming.

Although, you can never rely 100% on the weather forecast because it’s not always accurate.  So perhaps by May 1st it will be so hot I’m gonna be bike riding at 5am.