The New Sci-Fi Brand?

The Sci-Fi channel has decided that after 16 years they aren’t satisfied with their own image and so they want to dramatically change it.  But could it drive away its audience?

Here is the article on the Sci-Fi Wire website which is owned and operated by the Sci-Fi channel:

SCI FI Channel to become Syfy; “Imagine Greater” is new message

My own personal opinion is that I think they should not change their name or their image.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Goodbye IHOP, Hello Big Boy

A few months ago I noticed that 2 of Bakersfield’s IHOP’s have turned from a blue color to a red color and renamed “Clay’s”.  I can’t go to Clay’s because it makes me think of Clay Aiken and then I just imagine all the waitresses and waiters have Clay Aiken hair and they are singing to their customers trying to get their order.  It sends shivers down my spine.  Hehe just kidding.

But on a positive note, the Bakers Square on Ming Ave. closed down (well, that’s not the positive part) and a Bob’s Big Boy is moving in its place.  I’ve loved that place since I was a kid.  My parent’s always bought me the Big Boy comic books and I had some Big Boy toys.  The burgers were very similar to Big Macs but they didn’t have the same sauce, the Big Boy burger had a better sauce.

The one thing I remember about Bob’s Big Boy was the hairdo’s of all the waitresses.  They were always high up like they had bee hives but with curls all over them.  That is definitely what makes Bob’s Big Boy to me.  The comic books, burgers and hairdo’s.