Bravo A-List Awards

The Bravo A-List Awards was on tonight right after Kathy Griffins new special “She’ll Cut A Bitch” which was funny as hell.  Kathy hosted the Bravo A-List Awards and she was so funny.  But that’s pretty much a given, she’s funny in anything and everything she does.  I personally don’t know why she’s on the so-called D-List because she deserves much better.

The very first award was to my future ex-boyfriend, Neil Patrick Harris.  I chanted his name from the second I saw that he was nominated for A-List Actor and he won.  Of course he got a standing ovation… well, I stood up anyway.  I was also drooling a little.

Tori Spelling won an award for a book she wrote (I’m guessing she had a ghost writer).  She was actually very funny, she said that she loves all the bloggers who bash her on a daily basis, calling her horse face and some other things but I don’t think of her like that.  I actually like Tori Spelling.  So if it takes me calling her a horse face to get her to love me then Tori Spelling is a horse faced whore who can’t act and she never eats.  Sorry, I didn’t mean that Tori.  I love you…

The Real Housewives of Orange County, New York and Atlanta were all there.  I have to say the only one of the group that I actually like was Gretchen from Orange County.  Keep in mind I’ve only seen a few episodes, I try not to watch it because as I’ve said several times, I may be gay but I’m still a dude and dudes don’t watch that lol.  But I do admire Gretchen because she’s the only real one on all of those shows.  I actually can’t judge the Atlanta bitch’s because I haven’t seen that one.  But if I did, you go girl Nene.

At the very end, 3 of the Kardashian sisters who were playing Kathy’s evil step-sisters pulled a very giant lever which poured a brown liquid which looked like chocolate all over Kathy.  It reminded me of Carrie but without all the dying afterwards and her mom didn’t say from her walker “they’re all gonna laugh at you”.  Well, in a way they did laugh, just not at her but with her.

I personally hate watching awards shows because all it is to me is a bunch of rich bitch’s getting an expensive gold award while wearing borrowed clothes and they get to go back home to their mansion while I’m stuck in the ghetto of Bakersfield.  But I’m not bitter…  I did like this awards show though only because Kathy Griffin was the hostess with the mostest.

No Bike Ride Today

It is unfortunate but today I couldn’t go on my bike ride.  I’ve been waiting all day for our new tenant to bring the check to keep the house available for him.  He mentioned that he had an appointment at 9:30am and I figured well you know how that goes.  Your appointment is early but you could be there for hours and hours and hours.  I waited 8 hours at a county hospital once and I had an emergency.

So it’s now 1pm and I haven’t gone on my bike ride because I’ve been waiting on this guy.  I would’ve been gone and back 5 times by now.

Although, it is a bit cold out today and the wind is blowing something fierce so that’s another reason why I’ve been waiting for these people to show up before I go out.  But now it’s too late cause I got Stargate SG-1 on at 3pm then Ghost Hunters is on the rest of the night.

Well that’s OK, I’m just gonna say that I missed today for 3 reasons.  The first reason is that my body might need to rest from yesterdays bike ride which is the first in months.  When you are not in shape you aren’t supposed to kill yourself up front lol.

Second, I don’t want to get sick from the wind and the cold.  I’m afraid that the wind is going to blow on my sweat and instead of drying my sweat it will make me colder and then make me sick.

Third my allergies are bad this year.  With the wind blowing as it is, I’m sure a ton of weeds and pollen are going to be blowing in my face causing me to have to pull over constantly to sneeze and blow my nose.

So, because I can’t think of any more lame excuses, tomorrow…

Misuse of 911

911 is for emergencies only!  If your house is on fire you call 911.  If someone is robbing your house you call 911.  If your husband just had a heart attack you call 911.  If your child was kidnapped you call 911 IMMEDIATELY not 30 days later (Casey).

There has been some misuse of the 911 system lately.  A woman was at a Burger King trying to order some western BBQ burgers for her kids and they weren’t making it for her and she called 911 to tell them that they refuse to “make it her way” lol.

Then there was a woman who called 911 not 1 but 3 times to complain that she ordered a 10 piece Chicken McNugget and paid for it then they found out they were out and asked her to pick something else out and she said no and they told her well, sorry but no refunds.  Which in my opinion is fishy because I’ve worked for McDonald’s when I was a teenager and if they are out of something they refund your money immediately without hesitation.  So that particular McDonald’s must be owned by Adolph McDonald.

Now another person calls 911 to complain that this Chinese restaurant didn’t put enough shrimp in her fried rice.

Enough people!  This is getting way out of control.  If they let people call 911 for food related issues that can be resolved by calling a managers attention then there is no reason to call 911.  Just act like you are an adult and take care of it with some dignity.  It’s fricken’ chicken and shrimp people.  Give me a break.

The woman at Burger King was offered a refund but she refused it and the 911 operator said take the refund and go home.  The woman at the McDonald’s, why couldn’t she have chosen something else of equal or higher value then paid the difference?  I mean how much could a 10 piece mcnugget cost?  $3?  So get 3 chicken sandwich’s instead for $1 each.  Get over it lady.  And the shrimp lady, if you don’t like the amount of shrimp that is in your fried rice then ask for your money back and go to Panda Express.

Stop wasting 911 operators and the local police officers time and tax payers money with your stupid food related problems.  Deal with it yourself.