Bravo A-List Awards

The Bravo A-List Awards was on tonight right after Kathy Griffins new special “She’ll Cut A Bitch” which was funny as hell.  Kathy hosted the Bravo A-List Awards and she was so funny.  But that’s pretty much a given, she’s funny in anything and everything she does.  I personally don’t know why she’s on the so-called D-List because she deserves much better.

The very first award was to my future ex-boyfriend, Neil Patrick Harris.  I chanted his name from the second I saw that he was nominated for A-List Actor and he won.  Of course he got a standing ovation… well, I stood up anyway.  I was also drooling a little.

Tori Spelling won an award for a book she wrote (I’m guessing she had a ghost writer).  She was actually very funny, she said that she loves all the bloggers who bash her on a daily basis, calling her horse face and some other things but I don’t think of her like that.  I actually like Tori Spelling.  So if it takes me calling her a horse face to get her to love me then Tori Spelling is a horse faced whore who can’t act and she never eats.  Sorry, I didn’t mean that Tori.  I love you…

The Real Housewives of Orange County, New York and Atlanta were all there.  I have to say the only one of the group that I actually like was Gretchen from Orange County.  Keep in mind I’ve only seen a few episodes, I try not to watch it because as I’ve said several times, I may be gay but I’m still a dude and dudes don’t watch that lol.  But I do admire Gretchen because she’s the only real one on all of those shows.  I actually can’t judge the Atlanta bitch’s because I haven’t seen that one.  But if I did, you go girl Nene.

At the very end, 3 of the Kardashian sisters who were playing Kathy’s evil step-sisters pulled a very giant lever which poured a brown liquid which looked like chocolate all over Kathy.  It reminded me of Carrie but without all the dying afterwards and her mom didn’t say from her walker “they’re all gonna laugh at you”.  Well, in a way they did laugh, just not at her but with her.

I personally hate watching awards shows because all it is to me is a bunch of rich bitch’s getting an expensive gold award while wearing borrowed clothes and they get to go back home to their mansion while I’m stuck in the ghetto of Bakersfield.  But I’m not bitter…  I did like this awards show though only because Kathy Griffin was the hostess with the mostest.

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