I Love You Man

Went to see this movie tonight called “I Love You Man”.  I don’t get to go to the movies too often and when I do and the movie is good I like to talk about it.  Well, even if it’s bad I like to talk about how bad it stunk.  This one was good though.

It’s about this guy who is getting married and he realizes that he has no guy friends.  So he starts to go out on “man dates” to try to get a connection with a guy so he doesn’t look like such a pathetic loser to his fiancée.

I can totally relate though because besides all my online friends, I really don’t have any real friends to speak of.  Since we moved to Bakersfield I haven’t really met anyone that I wanted to strike up a real friendship with.  Well, there was our neighbor Dan but he’s moved away and we really don’t hear from him anymore.  But he has his own “guy friends” that he’s been hanging around with since they were in school.

This movie was totally funny though.  Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live was so good as a gay guy.  He actually made gay people look cool by not flaming all over the movie.  Good for him.

Thomas Lennon on the other hand.  He was gayer and funnier than ever too.  Everyone kinda expects him to be outrageous though since he is gay as Lieutenant Jim Dangle on Reno 911.

I thought this was a very funny movie and I was laughing the entire time, even when other people weren’t laughing at which point I had to sink in my seat lol.

Picky Eater

I was a picky eater as a kid.  I can remember all the way back to when I was about 3 or 4 years old and my mom made some meatloaf and it had tons of onions and green bell peppers and I tasted them and they just did not taste good to me so I picked them all out and only ate the meat.  Well, my parent’s wouldn’t let me leave the table until all that stuff was gone.  I think I sat there for about 4 hours staring at it.  I just absolutely refused to eat it.

As I grew up I found out that I hated other things like yogurt and American cheese.  There were some things I hated but I felt that I should compromise with my mom and just eat them like the greens.  I loved spinach because Popeye ate spinach so I had to have it.  And not fresh but from the can and it didn’t matter to me if it was heated up.  You never saw Popeye crush his spinach can then pour it into a pot and heat it on the stove.  No, he ate it straight from the can.

My mom learned my likes and dislikes for food and so she would cook for the family but also cook for me.  When she made potato salad she would put about 3/4 of the ingredients in a big bowl and the rest in a little bowl for me and she would put all the crap in the big bowl but be selective for me.  My step dad on the other hand, he would purposely put onions and bell peppers in my food but hidden so I wouldn’t see them so when I bit into the food I’d get a big bite of onions.  Bastard.

But this post isn’t about me.  Oh no, it’s about my dog.  Dogs are normally always hungry.  You can give them whatever and they will eat it with no problem.  Within reason though.  But you give them something to eat and they don’t even give themselves time to chew it, they swallow it whole.  Not my dog.  Oh no.  She’s a toy chihuahua.  She used to do that but then she learned I guess and so she smells the people food first before she eats it.

I’ve given her hot dogs (1/2 a hot dog) in the past, I slice them lengthwise to quarter them then I cut the slices so they are little tiny pieces she can chew.  She normally likes hot dogs.  But all of a sudden now she sniffs them and looks up at me as if to say “you got anything else?”.

Yeah, how about your dog food?  Oh that’s another thing.  I’ve bought her 2 different brands of dog food, she hates it.  She will only eat the cats food.  Her dog food has different colors like yellow, orange, brown, green.  She picks through them with her nose and pushes all the brown ones out and she only eats the colored ones.  OMG this is the pickiest dog ever.

I gave her half of a hot dog knowing she might turn her nose up on it and of course she did.  I thought well maybe she wants to be hand fed so I gave her a piece and she took it but then spit it out lol.  So I gave her a little bit of some life cereal which she ate all of.  Whatever dog lol.  Whatever.  I’m eating some macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs in it and she’s staring at me like “can I have some?” but she’s not getting any.