Panasonic DVD Recorder

In January 2007 I bought a Panasonic DVD Recorder VCR combo (DMR-ES35V) and last month all of a sudden it started freezing on me. I don’t know why. Luckily it had a 1 year warranty plus I bought a 1 year warranty which expires in January 2009.

So I called Panasonic up after it had been freezing a week. I was giving it time to make sure it was the machine and not me. So I called and the guy had me convinced that it was me. I was trying to watch something I taped last night on the dvd-ram and every time I tried to pause it the numbers would stop (when I say numbers I mean like 1 hour 24 minutes, the time that I’ve been watching it) but the show would continue to play. I couldn’t do anything so in order to get it to stop doing that so I could pause I’d have to power off then when I turned it back on and hit play it started from the beginning 0:00:00 and I’d have to fast forward.

So I called today and told the guy I spoke to what happened and that I called last month and he said it’s probably the firmware. OMG Why didn’t I think of that? I asked if I could just download something and burn it to a cd? He said no, I’m going to send you a cd in the mail. I really don’t mind downloading it because it’d be a lot faster than US mail hehe. But, I guess I can wait. I don’t know if the download is old or not so I’ll wait.

Update: I waited months and they never sent it to me so I just decided to download the firmware, burn it to a dvd-r and loaded it into the dvd recorder and it did the upgrade.  I wish I had just downloaded it to begin with instead of waiting for months like a chump.

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