My Computer is Slow

It appears that my computer needs to be reformatted once again. I really hate it when that happens. I’m going to try uninstalling stuff that insist on running when I turn the computer on first and see if that helps as well as defragmenting (again). I want to try everything I can to avoid reformatting.

Every time I get on EverQuest it takes forever to log in then once I get on it disconnects then I have to wait another 15-20 min before it lets me back on again. Last night I totally missed the raid because of it. It just kept freezing.

I think it might be Yahoo Widgets that is doing it to me though. So I’m going to just make it so it doesn’t start with Windows. Hopefully that will help. I do like the widgets though because of the TV Guide and Coke Rewards feature. Those 2 are really the only widgets I need. It makes it so much easier to enter my coke rewards and to view the tv guide without having to load the website and wait forever for it to load.